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May 1, 2015 AsktheBuilder Weekend Warrior

Train season is here. Tomorrow, May 2nd, I'll be attending the annual FRA Rules refresher class.

If you're a newer subscriber, I got a once-in-a-lifetime part-time job last summer.

Train Conductor

Yes, a real conductor on a real full-sized train.

CLICK HERE to see my magic hat and the bow tie that makes women swoon. Kathy just rolls her eyes and shakes her head. She thinks I'm delusional.

Maybe she's right! 🙂

My first trip this season is May 24th.

Snow Be Gone Winners!

Congratulations to our winners! Fourteen people picked April 29, 2015, as the day all the snow and ice would be gone from my cul-de-sac.

Three winners were picked using the random number generator at random.org.

Come on down!

  • Karen Sharp
  • David Reed
  • Esther Roop

Your small bottles of Stain Solver will be shipped to you today!

Thanks for playing!

Deck Cleaning Video

I just wrote a fast column for the Washington Post about the CORRECT way to clean a deck.

In that column I mention that the WORST thing you can use is chlorine bleach. The fancy name you might see on a product label is:

sodium hypochlorite

NEVER use that. It's toxic to trees, plants, grass, etc. It also accelerates the corrosion of all the important metal fasteners, bolts, joist hangers, etc. that hold your deck together!

The SECOND WORST thing you can use on your deck I talk about in the following video.

Watch this video that's a little corny.

BOTTOM LINE: Clean your deck with Certified organic Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach.

It's ON SALE now for just three more days.

Use the promo code:


for a 12.5% discount and FREE SHIPPING! Minimum $40 purchase required.

Tim's Loot FOR SALE

I decided to just create a Sales Page at my site that has all my eBay listings.

If you're new to the newsletter, I moved my office in the past few weeks and I decided to PURGE lots of stuff I've accumulated. There are some amazing deals to be had.

Here's what's for sale now on the page and the auctions END on Sunday! Act Fast!

  • Pocket Digital Camera
  • Amazing Shower Heat Exchanger
  • Great Fathers Day Polo Shirts - NEW
  • One-of-a-Kind WOODEN Cowboy Hat
  • Water-Saving Shower Head - NEW
  • Hiking Barometer, Humidity, Clock Thermometer
  • and More

CLICK HERE to see what's for sale.

CLEAN Your Deck with Certified Organic Oxygen Bleach

New Q and A's for You

I've got some pretty good new questions and answers from homeowner just like you.

I hope you enjoy reading these short articles and discover something new about how to maintain your home or solve mysteries!

Kevin's NO-NO Washing Machine Vent Pipe - DRAWING!!

Kelsey's MUSTY Shower Smell Source

Cleaning DARK Stains on Stucco - Diesel Soot - Yes!

Garage Roof Repair and Restoration

That's enough for this issue.

Have a great weekend.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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