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May 16, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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One of my hobbies is taking sunrise photos. I'm blessed to have a superb location to see such majesty. Here's what I saw yesterday morning.


CLICK HERE to see a high-resolution version.

The lake was like glass. It was something to behold in person is all I can say.

I Discover New Things Too

Last week, I had the distinct honor to interview Mr. John Heath. I've done lots of interviews over the years with all sorts of people who make new products or offer fantastic services for homeowners.

This is an interview that could be of HUGE interest to you as it's not your everyday interview topic. My own eyes were wide open after the interview, I can tell you that!

Before the interview, I didn't think I'd discover anything I didn't already know. Well, I was WRONG.

John is a directing attorney for Lexington Law, a law firm based in Salt Lake City, UT. Lexington Law happens to specialize in credit repair.

CLICK HERE to listen to the short interview.

Here's the best part. I was able to get real homeowners involved in the interview who asked questions about credit repair and the best way to achieve a high credit score.

Here's one thing I discovered. If you have damaged credit, it could cost you over $100,000 on your next mortgage?


I also found out that you can attempt DIY credit repair, but you'll probably not get the same results if you were to hire a company that has credit repair attorneys on staff.

I think you'll be BLOWN AWAY by the questions and John's answers!

Here are just a few of the highlights of the interview. You can help yourself, and me, if you please click each one of the following links. Thanks in advance for doing this for me:

Who is Lexington Law?

What Exactly Is A Credit Repair Service?

What Is the Credit Repair Process? What's Involved?

What Does it COST To Repair Credit?

HAPPY Credit Repair Stories - WOOT!

Construction DEFECT Quiz

It's time for another construction defect quiz. You're going to love this one. I saw a short video of a builder/carpenter demonstrating a screw gun tool on Twitter. I forgot to capture his Twitter handle to give him credit and now I can't find the video.



CLICK HERE to take the one-question quiz. I pretty much GUARANTEE you'll discover something new.

Getting Bids - Booming Economy Issues

I had a brief back-and-forth text message exchange with a great friend of mine, John, who lives in Philadelphia.

He needs to have some concrete work done at his home and is having trouble getting bids. It's a COMMON problem when the economy is booming as it is now.

But as you might expect, I've got a #Hack so you can get fast bids and FREE ones from local contractors.

Believe me, unless you live so far out in the country that the rural mail carrier has a sleeping bag in her/his car, you're going to hear from the contractors FAST.

CLICK HERE and give it a try. I don't care what type of work you need done.

If you don't get a rapid response, let me know.

Payback Time For New Insulation or Furnace

How long does it take to start SAVING money if you install more insulation or a high-efficiency furnace or AC unit?

CLICK HERE to discover how long it takes.

Best Way to Clean Roof Algae?

Does your roof look like the one in this column? CLICK HERE to see the photo.

While there, discover how to clean algae off your roof and once clean how to make sure it NEVER COMES BACK.

That's enough for today.

You can REALLY do yourself, and ME, a favor by going back up and clicking all those links in the Lexington Law story.

Thanks for doing that for me!!!!

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