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Treated Lumber Decking Installation Defect Quiz


7 Responses to Treated Lumber Decking Installation Defect Quiz

  1. Because of the high moisture content in the treated lumber, it is advisable to install them tight so that when the treated lumber shrinks it will have the needed gap. The most gap I would install between boards would be the thickness of an 8d or 19d nail

    • William,

      I'm a little confused by your comment. You first say to install them with no gap, then you change your mind. I have to disagree with your first premise.

      Installing the boards tight will result in a small gap after they shrink. The gap is almost always too tight to shed debris. Soon the gaps are filled and water can't drain through the gaps.

      By creating a 1/8-inch gap during the installation, you almost always end up with a 1/4-inch gap. That's perfect and works well to drain water.

  2. A neighbor installed with no gap & rain migrated into his house. The insurance would not pay on his claim.

  3. I have to disagree with your answer, sorry. All those other mistakes can be repaired. Loss of eyesight is forever. Protecting what can not be replaced to me is most important.

    • Big John,

      No problems. Remember, the power is always in the question. I wasn't asking about safety mistakes, I was asking about *installation mistakes*.

      The homeowner doesn't much care about the worker - the homeowner wants to make sure the product is installed so there are no problems later.

      I'll admit it was a little bit of a trick question as there are about ten things wrong in the photo.

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