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May 16, 2021 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Welcome! You might very well have subscribed just 30 minutes ago. It’s my pleasure to meet you! I reserve this top spot in the newsletter for new subscribers like you. This past week no less than one hundred folks joined the ranks of the Ask the Builder digital family. You’re in good company.

But how about you? You and I have known each other for what, six or has it been twenty-six years? Holy tomato! Do you remember that blockbuster article I penned about concrete basics? Do you recall when I mentioned the part about the dastardly mistake you can make with water?

I didn’t think so.

new concrete slab

You’d do really well to CLICK or TAP HERE and refresh those tiny gray cells, especially if you’re about to pour some concrete!

If you make that ONE MISTAKE, you’ll RUIN YOUR CONCRETE!

Real Spy Phones!

I need you to be honest with me. Seriously.

Do you happen to sing out loud while alone in your car? Come on, you can tell me! How about talking out loud to yourself while driving?

Well, I do both. Several days ago, early in the morning, I was on my way to the buggy racetrack known by many as Market Basket. I was in an extraordinarily good mood and started to chatter in the truck about hatching plans to invade Cuba.

morse code meme
All of a sudden I remembered my smartphone was in my pocket and I screamed out, “Hey Google, STOP SPYING ON ME!

A moment later that vixen voice, (who is that woman?), said, “You don’t have your mobile data on.” Yes, I had said the magic words “Hey, Google” but it doesn’t matter as she’s listening all the time if my phone is on.

Are you aware that Alexa, Siri, your Google devices, etc. are listening to you all the time unless you’ve disabled them? Why of course they are! They’re waiting for you to give them a command.

So if you want to do some nefarious planning, you’re plotting a covert operation, or worse yet you’re mumbling about something Agatha Christie would drool over, I suggest you turn off all your devices.

Otherwise your voice may be playing in a courtroom months from now. Don’t believe me?

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how Alexa, Siri, or Google will rat you out to the heat. I’m talking about how ALL YOU SAY in the privacy of your car, house, or cardboard shelter may be used against you one day.

Baseball Cap HELP!

Do you sell or know lots about high-quality baseball caps? I’m talking about caps you can outfit with custom embroidery. Do you happen to be an expert on the different types and quality of baseball hats? If so, I NEED YOUR HELP.

isptopes baseball cap
I don’t know about you, but I have the hardest time finding a baseball cap that fits well. Most are too tight and my head feels like it’s stuck in a sausage casing.

I have one hat that fits perfectly and I need another one that can be embroidered with my own design for the upcoming New England Forest Rally where I’m the Airwaves Boss.

This is where you come in. CLICK or TAP HERE to see multiple photos of my wonderful hat and tell me if you know a company that sells this high-quality a cap/hat AND will embroider it with a complex design very similar to what you see in the photos.

FREE BIDS - Local Contractors

animated digging man
CLICK or TAP HERE or poke Mr. Shovel Man above to get FREE BIDS for any job inside or outside your home. You’ll usually get calls within an hour. Don’t you wish you had unending energy like Mr. Shovel Man? He NEVER STOPS shoveling!

Fading Concrete Paving Brick

Does your sidewalk, patio, or driveway look like this? Do you know why the bricks no longer match?

mismatched brick pavers

I’m sorry to say you chose poorly when you decided to use concrete paving brick. It’s a common mistake.

What can you do now to make them look better? CLICK or TAP HERE to discover your limited options.

That’s enough for a Sunday.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
Clean Godzilla Stains - www.StainSolver.com
Airwaves Boss - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. Are you getting ready to clean and seal your wood deck? You’d do well to watch this video to see what sealer I think is the best one you can get. CLICK or TAP HERE. Pay close attention to the can in the video.


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