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May 20, 2016 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

I'm finally starting to get back in the groove from my ten-day vacation / business trip out to California.

You may have been one who asked me to post a few photos of what I saw with my youngest daughter Kelly. Here's one taken at Barker Dam at Joshua Tree National Park.
Barker Dam at Joshua Tree National Park
Here's one I took at Death Valley, now my favorite national park. I was at Dante's View, thousands of feet above Badwater Basin, the lowest spot in the USA. Somewhere out in that white salt flat, there's a spot that's 282 feet below sea level.
Death Valley

If you've not visited the national parks in the western USA, I urge you to try to make it happen. Your blood pressure will go down and you'll have a new appreciation for what's truly good in life.

Loyd the Inventor

A few days ago, I received an email from Loyd. He's a clever man that lives in Oslo, Norway, and he's got a very simple thing you probably should have in your garage, truck or car. Actually you may need several.

Loyd needs your help and mine to make his invention become reality and it's one I believe really deserves your attention.

He's got his project up on Kickstarter, one of the few crowd-funding websites. If you're a seasoned subscriber to this newsletter, you'll remember I did three successful projects on Kickstarter, the biggest one being my awesome shed.

Loyd has created a fascinating small tool he calls DrumRoll that allows you to roll up the PESKY long pieces of strapping that are part of the fabric ratcheting clamps. I know I have this problem!!!! Do you?

Here's what you need to know about inventors.

I get at least TWO requests a month from Kickstarter people trying to get me to tell you about their products.

I've turned all the others down so far because I just didn't feel they were that great of a product.

Loyd's invention got my attention because I know I struggle with the ratchet straps all the time. I also like how simplistic and useful the invention is.

You should really consider helping out Loyd.

Even if you don't need one and just think he deserves a chance, you can donate just $2 to his cause. If you do that, each person who gets a DrumRoll will see your name on a roll of paper inside the DrumRoll! How cool is that?????

You can get the DrumRoll in two colors. The green color is a LIMITED edition so you need to ACT NOW if you want it in green. CLICK HERE NOW to get the green DrumRoll.

If you don't want your DrumRoll in green, you can get the high-visibility orange like you see in the photo above. That's the one I want because I love that shade of orange.

To see how the DrumRoll works, CLICK HERE and watch Loyd's cool video.

I'm serious - PLEASE consider helping Loyd. This is a very good cause and I'm supporting him. I'm excited about receiving my DrumRoll so I don't have anymore strap messes in my trailer and pickup truck!


Dorina did a phone consult with me yesterday. She had a horrible sewer and septic tank odor problem I solved in less than fifteen minutes.

As she told me her story, it became very evident that she got ripped off by the man that installed her new septic tank.

I won't go into the messy details but here's what you need to do.


Dorina and her husband TRUSTED the installer that he'd do what he said he would do.

So far he hasn't. The evil installer also pulled a fast one just after he pulled out the old septic tank. He then informed Dorina that he has to dig deeper to install the new tank.

With the old tank out of the ground and NO WAY to flush toilets in the house, Dorina and her husband were in a pickle. The installer pulled the classic SCARCITY card on them. Use of a toilet was scarce and the installer knew it.

Any GOOD INSTALLER would have known before the job started how deep he's got to go. All costs would have been included. There would have been no surprises.

Here's what you need to know about GOOD CONTRACTORS:

  • They have NO PROBLEMS with you putting everything in writing in a contract.
  • They encourage you to do it.
  • They won't offer resistance if you ask to put everything in writing.

CROOKS are the ones who squirm and squeal when you ask to put things in writing.

Stain Solver REMINDER

It's time to clean decks. It's time to clean patios. It's time to clean boats. It's time to clean outdoor siding.

CLICK HERE to see a photo I received yesterday from Pat. She used my Stain Solver certified organic oxygen bleach to SAFELY clean her painted fiber cement siding!

It looks NEW!

CLICK HERE to see a 30-year-old special hand-stitched pillow stored in an attic that had a terrible stain in it. Diana got the stain out with Stain Solver.

CLICK HERE to see John's teak picnic table he cleaned with Stain Solver.

Bottom Line: Stain Solver is NON TOXIC and will clean composite decks, docks, algae from patios, etc. outdoors.

GET YOURS NOW before Memorial Day!

CLICK HERE to order. Kathy and I own Stain Solver. We've been selling it since 1996.

Love it or List It and the Law

Are you addicted to HGTV shows?

A popular one called Love It or List It is making a little news.

CLICK HERE to read about it and thank your lucky stars your home is not ever featured in any of these shows.

Believe me, there are MANY HORROR stories like this out there about homeowners who are victims of shoddy workmanship that are the centerpiece of some home improvement TV show.

I'm here to tell you that the magic of video editing can hide many, many, many defects that you have no idea exist. It's all about glamour.

Many of these shows use the same brain trickery that happens when you watch magic. Your brain is putting things together that really aren't there.

Thanks to Frank Towle for alerting me about this news item.

Happy Weekend

I'm about to go tape a video about a very cool road grader you use to SMOOTH gravel driveways and parking lots.

I've got a half-mile gravel road going up to my property here in New Hampshire and believe me, it needs to be graded after months of winter plowing and abuse.

PLEASE GO help Loyd. If nothing else, donate a measly $2 so his DrumRoll is a huge success. That's less than what you'd spend on a cup of coffee for goodness sakes.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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