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MB Tractor Excavator Rentals Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to talk about renting an excavator from a tool rental place. I rented this excavator for the shed project.

This tractor excavator features rubber tracks so it won't harm a blacktop or concrete driveway. It has full rotation of the cab, an articulated arm with bucket with a thumb. The thumb allows you to pick up rocks or logs. It also has a small dozer blade for working the ground. The blade can be adjusted up and down, and left to right.

It takes about 10 minutes to get comfortable with the controls. But with a little practice, you will be digging holes and trenches on your site. These are great time savers and are affordable to rent.

I want to thank MB Tractors for allowing the use of this excavator to show how easy they are to use. They are fantastic machines. This type equipment can be rented almost everywhere. Just take the time to get a little training and read all the safety warnings so you don't get hurt or hurt someone else.

Remember to call the number for underground utilities before you start digging. It is very important to check out what might be underground before you dig in.


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