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Mesh Drywall Tape Cracking

Barry Wines, who lives in Sandusky, OH, is trying to help out his son.

"My son ran out of the plasterboard joint tape and used a mesh kind that he bought at Lowe's.

After putting the joint compound, priming and painting over the mesh tape it has developed cracks.  It has not cracked over the regular joint tape.

Is there anything that he can do other than re-putty, sand, prime and paint again?"

Barry, that's the best fix.

Your son should just get new paper tape and tape over all the places it's cracked.

Now, I say that and it's possible the cracks are related to simple lumber shrinkage. The framing lumber the drywall was screwed to could have had a high moisture content and that water is now gone.

IF THAT'S THE CASE, then just filling the cracks with regular drywall topping compound could solve the problem.

If it were me, I'd just fill the cracks as I just stated an see what happens. If the cracks re-appear, then you know you have to re-tape and finish.




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  1. Tim, I've been using the mesh tape for years now. I find if I use premixed compound I can get some cracks. I now use the compound you have to mix and have no trouble at all. This compound dries faster, has less shrinkage and is easier to sand. Thanks, Dave

    • Dave, Can you tell me specifically what brand you like? All of my new ceiling joints have cracked, after the primer and ceiling paint were applied. Our sheetrock guy used mesh tape and a premixed low dust compound. Do you have any suggestions for repair? It isn't on both sides of the mesh tape. It is just one side of the tape where it cracked.

  2. In doing our house remodel, there was more work than I could do myself, particularly after having neck surgery, so I hired a local drywall/painting contractor to do it.

    I had a roll of the mesh stuff and was going to give it to him to use. He refused. He said he had done a whole house with that stuff and had to redo everything, so he stays away from it.

    I now stay away from it, too.

  3. I used the mesh tape to sheetrock my garage. New house with attached 1 car garage. I installed 4 outlets and used 1 GFCI closest to circuit breaker, insulated, sheetrocked and primed and painted. This was my very FIRST attempt doing this. NO experience ever, I watch videos on the internet. I purchased 2 cans of primer and 3 of paint as per salesman recommendation. I sanded the walls with a palmsander and light grit paper, 2 hour job. With breaks, my wife and I primed the walls in about 3 hours and painted the following week. Six years later and no cracks. It turned out so nice, my neighbors wanted me to do theirs. We did one a weekend, then primed and painted the nest weekend, and had a great time with our neighbors.

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