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Metal Roofing Cost Examples

Metal Roofing Cost Examples

The following is a verbal description of some different metal roofs that were applied to residential houses. Note the relationship between the size of the roof area (square feet) and the cost per square foot. Sometimes as the roof gets bigger, the cost per square foot goes down. Also, roofs that have lots of angles and lots of dormers, sidewalls, chimneys, etc. that require flashing will obviously cost much more. Use these numbers as only a ROUGH pricing guide. Every job is different and the same roofing system will cost different amounts in different parts of the nation due to varying labor costs, freight costs and methods of distribution. To find a quality roofer who can install the product, FIRST select the roof you desire to use. Then call the manufacturer and find out who is qualified in your area to install that roof. Do NOT have a roofer install a metal roof system as "on the job" training! in other words, make sure the roofer you choose has - in fact - worked with the material before. The cost examples below are actually award-winning roofs. Each year the trade publication Metal Home Digest has a competition. The roofs below were announced in the July/August 1998 edition of the magazine. If you want to see photos, check out the magazine's website!

Example #1

A two story single family house in Eads, Tennessee. The roof pitch is moderate to steep eight inches of rise for every 12 inches of run. The roof was made by Petersen Aluminum Corp. and is a concealed fastener type. The total roof area is 6,500 square feet. The cost for all labor and material was $4.50 per square foot.

Example #2

This house is in the Bahamas. Seven thousand square feet of metal roof was used primarily on low sloped open roofing. It was an easy roof to do. The roofing was a spruce color BattenLok made by MBCI. you know it has to be good to withstand hurricanes that are sure to test this roof. The total cost of labor and material for this product was $4.25 per square foot.

Example #3

This metal roof was installed in Gig Harbor, Washington. It is a low slope roof - 3.5 inches of rise for each foot of run. The roofing came from Custom-Bilt Metals. The roof is wide open with just two chimneys and a few plumbing stacks popping through the roof. This roof was 3,500 square feet in size and came in at a reasonable $2.50 per square foot for labor and material.

Example #4

Would you believe 240,000 square feet of metal roof on 81 homes? It was all done with DuraLoc Simulated shake roofing in San Diego, CA. The attractive roofing material does not look like metal at all from the ground. Total cost = $3.25 per square foot.

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