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Mildew-Proof Caulk Manufacturers

The list that follows was compiled several years ago, when this column was first written. We now think that the Federal Trade Commission believes that these "mildew-proof" claims are not realistic. You may not be able to find these mildew-proof products.

Mildew-Proof Caulk Manufacturers

The next time you get ready to purchase caulk for your bathroom or kitchen, look closely at the labeling. I am quite certain you will see the word mildew. Look again. My guess is that you will frequently see the word "resistant" just after the word "mildew". Mildew-resistant does NOT mean mildew-proof - plain and simple.

Virtually every caulk manufacturer incorporates a certain amount of mildewcides in their caulk products. These mildewcides are a costly item and if you want to make more profit, it makes sense to use as little as possible in the caulk. The big problem is that many, if not all of the mildewcides that are used are water soluble. This means that they can be dissolved and removed from the caulk by water. It just so happens that caulk is used to stop water infiltration, so contact with water is often a daily occurrence.

To make a mildew-proof caulk, a manufacturer needs to purchase the best mildewcides and use a significant amount in each tube of caulk. The strategy is to use more mildewcide in the caulk than can be dissolved by water over the projected life span of the caulk seam. Just about every manufacturer makes a mildewproof caulk. Here are several of the major players. Remember, look for the words "mildew-proof", not mildew-resistant.

  • DAP

  • Elmer's Products
  • Geocel
  • PolySeamseal
  • Energy Seal's Acu-Caulk
  • Red Devil

Multi-Colored Mildew-Proof Caulk

Would you like mildew-proof caulk in a color other than white? Polyseamseal makes it. They also specially blend colors to match Kohler Plumbing fixtures.

If you see "Kohler" brand caulks look closely on the back label and you will see the Polyseamseal name. The colors are prefect matches! You can use them for non- Kohler fixtures as well.

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