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Millwork of Urethane – Manufacturers

Urethane Millwork Manufacturers

This is a growing industry. Urethane is a unique material in that it is unaffected by water. You can't say that about wood! It can also be formed into any imaginable shape with minimal or no material waste. Once the mold is constructed, urethane foam is injected into the tightly sealed mold. To duplicate this with wood, you often have to start with a block and cut, route and shape. This produces waste wood in the form of shavings and sawdust. You pay for this dust when you buy your wood moldings. Granted, the dust is often used in some other process or product, but it still adds to the cost of a wood molding.

There are hundreds of designs and profiles. There are just too many to list. Look at all of the manufacturers listed. Wait till you see the HUGE variety of moldings, trim, etc.!

I can just about guarantee you that you will find the urethane millwork you need to add that finishing touch to the interior or exterior of your home.

  • Chemcrest Architectural Products
  • Balmer Architectural Mouldings

  • Focal Point Architectural Products

  • Fypon

  • Spectis Moulders, Inc.

  • Style Solutions, Inc.

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  1. I am trying to find a urethane molding #8674 its a freeze with dental if you know which Co. that carries these please let me know

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