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Mirrored Doors & Manufacturers

There is something very special about mirrored doors. Architects discovered this many years ago. The home I grew up in had a full length mirror screwed to the back of several doors. I remodeled many a home that had gorgeous mirrored doors that were trimmed with fine moldings that made them look like custom doors. In some instances they were indeed custom.

This trend has continued for many years. I actually think that mirrored doors are gaining in popularity. One thing is for sure, they are much easier to install today than in past years. A person with moderate skills can install one in several hours.

Multitude of Designs

I was at an editors' conference in June. It was sponsored by Stanley Tools. The purpose was to show us their modern and wonderful exterior door facility in North Carolina. Part of the presentation was about their mirrored door line. What a surprise to see some of the wood framed mirrored doors. They were spectacular.

One of the most informative parts of the presentation was the cost savings. If you use mirrored doors in several locations in your new home, you can actually save money! The savings are greatest if you go with the eight foot tall doors. Once the carpenter hangs them, you are finished. No painting!

Decorative Glass

If you desire a really spectacular door, look for those that offer beveled or V groove glass options. This glass looks great in any room but if you can use it in an entrance hall setting for a coat closet, your friends and guests will surely be impressed. This option is not as expensive as you might think.

Various Manufacturers

Here is a partial list of companies that make mirrored doors. Call them for brochures:

  • Craft Diston Industries
  • Masonite
  • Slimfold Products/Dunbarton Corp.
  • Alumax Bath Enclosures
  • Arizona Shower Door Co.
  • JELD-WEN Windows and Doors/Interior Door Div.
  • Marshfield Door Systems
  • Peterson Industries
  • Rediframe Products/Div. of the Dunbarton Corp.
  • Southeastern Aluminum Products

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