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Modern Wainscoting – Easy on Assembly and Wallet

Can you imagine having a staircase with breathtaking wainscoting? How about a family room wall? A dining room, a study or den, even a living room? The possibilities are endless. These types of finishing details used to be available only to those flush with cash. Advancements in technology and materials are allowing folks like you and me the opportunity to adorn our houses with this splendid interior treatment.

Dust, Straw, Glue & Veneer

Traditional wainscoting was made from solid wood. This was fine when hardwoods were abundant. Solid wood is nice, but it has its problems. For one, it is a hygroscopic material. This means that it responds to changes in humidity. In other words, it can shrink and swell. This type of movement can cause cracks in raised panels and it can create cracks in the finishes where the panels slide into the horizontal and vertical rails that surround the panels.

This problem has been solved by at least one innovative company - New England Classic Interiors. The wainscoting they make uses lots of engineered wood products. Certain parts are made with medium density fiberboard. The raised panels are actually made from recycled wheat straw. All parts are then covered with high quality wood veneers or paint-grade melamine. The net result is a stable, solid, affordable product that will set your house apart from all others in the subdivision!

Cost Comparisons

What does this wonderful wainscoting cost? It depends on how you decide to finish it. Paint grade material is far less expensive than wainscoting you intend to stain. You can get paint grade wainscoting from New England Classic Interiors for about $6.00 per square foot. This is what I am using in my dining room. If you want their stain grade cherry, oak or maple, be prepared to go as high as $20 per square foot. If you think these prices are high, wait till you see the closest competitor's price sheet!


Click here to watch a video on installing Wainscoting.


Design Services

Both companies that I found who can readily supply wainscoting offer design services. The New England Classic Interiors system is very user friendly. You can go to their website and design your own system and price it out at the same time.

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