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Moen Faucets

Moen faucets are fantastic plumbing products. In fact, I just made the decision to install Moen faucets in all of my second-floor bathrooms. The new ShowHouse collection of Moen faucets offered the exact finish, style, durability and functionality my family desired.

Moen was an easy choice, since our basement recreation room bathroom sports a unique Moen ShowHouse faucet that looks like it was made with pieces of bamboo. This faucet gets compliments from every person who uses it. They especially like how the water gently cascades from the bamboo faucet shaft. If this faucet had been available when the Gilligan's Island TV series was filmed, I am quite sure the show producer would have had one installed in Gilligan's grass hut!

I have installed Moen faucets for years for many customers. Plumbing faucets are like cars. People seem to like different makes, models and styles. I found as a builder and remodeler that certain customers just loved the look and functionality of Moen faucets over other major brands. The best part about their choice was I never had a malfunction or service call traced to a defective Moen faucet. Ask any builder, remodeler or plumber, and they will tell you that is music to their ears.

What sets one faucet apart from another? In my opinion, it depends entirely on what you are looking at. If you are shopping by price alone, you will discover that Moen is not the most expensive faucet. It is also not the least expensive. Talk to people who own Moen faucets, and you will quickly discover they are spectacular value for the money spent.

If you can install faucets yourself, this may not be an issue. Since your labor is free so to speak, you can install a cheap faucet every year or two as they fail. But many people do not possess plumbing skills, or the skills they have are not refined. Plumbing leaks can turn into plumbing nightmares, and this fear drives many homeowners to call plumbers for faucet installations.

Plumbers have traditionally garnered a high wage for their work. If you have a new faucet installed, you will discover the labor charge alone may run into the hundreds of dollars. For this reason and others, you want to be sure the faucet installed will perform flawlessly for many years.

Another distinctive comparison point to consider is ease of repair. The internal parts in faucets do wear out. How hard or easy is it to perform repairs? I can tell you that it is simple to install a new Moen faucet cartridge. Remove a wishbone-shaped retaining clip and the cartridge pulls out instantly. Not all faucets offer this ease of repair.

If you choose a faucet based on styling, then Moen faucets will absolutely captivate your attention. The sleek designs and finishing details set them apart from other faucets in their class. If you were able to see all of the faucets displayed at once like I see each year at the International Builders Show, you would instantly discover why many people buy Moen faucets.

Keep in mind that faucets are not the only fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens. Often there are accessories such as towel bars, soap dishes and toilet-paper holders. Moen offers a complimentary series of accessories with many of their faucets. Be sure to consider this before you make your final faucet decision.

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