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Money Pit Deck Tips AsktheBuilder

Money Pit Deck Tips From AsktheBuilder.com

  • Pressure washers damage the soft light-colored spring wood
  • Stain Solver oxygen bleach is the safe way to clean wood decks
  • Deck sealers must have pigment and not be film formers
  • Composite decking needs to be cleaned on a regular basis
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Watch the video below first to see how pressure washers can ruin wood.

Note how easy it is to use Stain Solver oxygen bleach.

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Step-by-Step Instructions to Clean a Wood Deck

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4 Responses to Money Pit Deck Tips AsktheBuilder

  1. We have a satined pergola. The stain is the wrong color and we want to take it off and re-stain a new color.
    Will Stain Solver get the old stain off? Is there another way to get this done?

    • Stain Solver is NOT a typical stain remover. It will HOWEVER, remove sun-damaged and oxidized OLD stains.

      You probably need to use a conventional paint stripper. It's going to be a NIGHTMARE.

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