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Nail Gun – Finish Nails Video

Many household projects involve hammer and nails. If you are not careful in driving in the finishing nails in wood trim, you can created a defect in the wood that will be hard to repair. There are two ways to drive these finishing nails.

The old fashion way is with a hammer and nail set. You drive the nail in until the head is about 1/8" from the wood. Then, you use a nail set, properly sized, and drive the nail about 1/8" into the wood.

Second method is the use of powered nail guns. This model has an internal combustion engine. It uses gas, a battery and a spark plug to drive the nail. There are different style gas powered nail guns. One for the longer finish nails and another that drives smaller finishing nails to use in cabinet work, for example.

Try a powered nail gun on your next project. They do a great job and are easy to use.


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