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Nail Guns Video

Using a hammer and a nail set is a dangerous way at drive in finish nails. You can miss the nail and mark up the woodwork you are installing. A great alternative is a nail gun. There are two types - pneumatic or impulse nails.

The pneumatic nail gun requires an air compressor and air hose. These are now available in smaller sizes for the home owners. They handle a variety of nails from small finishing nails to nails 2" in length.

There is another style nailer that does not require an air compressor. It has its own built-in engine. It has a fuel cell, a battery and a spark plug. This gun can be taken any where with no air hose. Just pull the trigger and it fires the nail.

These nail guns are affordable or you can rent them if you have a one time project. These nailers make your job look better, go faster and a lot more fun.


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