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New Website Survey Form

Thanks a ton for coming to this page to help me create a fun new website. If I get enough positive and helpful feedback, this website could be launched very soon.

Please take your time and answer the questions honestly. It's very important, because your responses could become a major part of the overall theme and design of the new website. After all, I'm building it for you, not me. After the past two bumps in the road, I want this one to be perfect or nearly so.

All of the questions require answers except for the very last one. So please answer all of the questions.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this. Remember, my regular website - this one you are now on - will NOT change. You'll always have access to it.


Email Address:
Would you like multiple discussion groups and forums where you can talk in real time to other members? No


Would you like product-review videos? No


Would you like videos of me responding to questions you ask? No


Would you like a periodic free telephone call-in seminar where you as well as other club members can ask me live questions? No


Would you like periodic get-togethers across the USA where I come to a major city for a meet and greet to answer questions in person? No


This is a required question. You have to enter something: Tell me the top two things you would want in special website like I am proposing. What would you absolutely love to have that you can’t seem to find elsewhere?
This new site can’t be open to the pubic and free because of the problems I already outlined. Charging a small price each month helps keep the riffraff out. What do you think would be a fair price to charge per month to get access to all of the above and any other things that might be included?
Tell me any other ideas you might have that could make this new website a huge success for all of us.


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