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Non-Woven Wallpaper Video

Non-woven wallpaper is reusable! Non-woven wallpaper does not expand when the adhesive is contacted with the back. These are huge time savers, because there is no need to book the paper while you are working on another piece. You apply the adhesive to the wall with a roller or brush. Then place the dry wallpaper right onto the adhesive. Use regular wallpaper tools to make sure that the wallpaper is tight to the wall. A wallpaper brush to smooth the paper so it lies flat against the wall. A short bristled brush works best.

To trim the wallpaper at a inside corner, push the paper in with your finger. Then take a wide blade knife to hold the paper against the corner. Use a razor knife to trim away the excess wallpaper.

Once all the wallpaper has been trimmed, get all the excessive clear adhesive off any painted woodwork. If it is not removed, some adhesives will cause the paint to bubble in a few months time.

One major feature of this style of wallpaper is it's reusable. If you have to remove the paper to repair a plumbing problem behind the wall, the wallpaper can be put back in place without any problems.


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