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November 10, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Exotic Gardening Farms & Wildli...
Exotic Gardening Farms & Wildlife Habitat November 2009

Welcome if you're a brand-new subscriber. This is a somewhat short newsletter.

If you've been here any length of time here on the list, then you know this is one of my rough and tumble newsletters.

How was your week? Mine was filled with a myriad of small projects. I discovered watercolor pencils and how to use them. Soon you're going to see how they're going to be used in a line of new products I'm creating for you.

Specifications and Drawings

Last week I asked for your help for ideas where you need a simple drawing and some short specifications. With these in hand, you can be assured the jobs around your home are going to be done right AND the bids you get back from contractors will be easier to compare.

I was astonished at some of the ideas you shared. They were amazing!

My biggest takeaway is that for quite a few of your ideas, I already have a vast majority of the information you need on my website for free, although it is NOT in an easy-to-consume form and it lacks the hand-drawn illustration needed to translate the written words into a picture.

Here are a few examples:

Kurt H. wanted to get drawings for a four-season room. Here's what's already at my website, although it's not the easiest thing to find I admit:

I used the search phrase: room addition

CLICK or TAP HERE to see what you discover about a project like Kurt's. Please look through ALL the results.

Barbara K. wanted to know about a front brick patio.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see the plethora of past thoughts I've spewed from my brain about these wonderful outdoor rooms.

WAIT UNTIL you see the photos of the brick patios and steps I've built at my last home! You need to open quite a few in the search results to SEE all the photos!!

Kathleen S. wanted to know about the best covering for a basement floor. Once again, I've written about this, but it's not the easiest thing to find.

I decided to enter into the search box at my website:

basement flooring

CLICK or TAP HERE to get a grasp of all your alternatives. CLUE: Think about water!

El Yunque Rain Forest Adventure!


A little over three weeks ago, I was in Puerto Rico to visit my daughter. That's her on the right in the above photo.

I thought you might enjoy this story that has absolutely nothing to do with home improvement. CLICK or TAP HERE and allow the photos to take you to El Yunque!

How Long Should Concrete Last?


How old do you think the darker gray concrete is?

CLICK OR TAP HERE to see what I think. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, click or tap so you know HOW TO MAKE concrete that will last that long or LONGER.Wait until you see the one photo of the stuccoed concrete steps!!!!

Amazon Shopping? Please Consider Helping Yourself

Christmas is lurking right around the corner. If you shop at Amazon for things this time of year or ANYTIME, you can help keep this newsletter coming to you by just using my affiliate link to start your shopping.

Using my link does NOT cause your price of anything to go up. Amazon simply shares a small portion of their profit with me for brokering the deal.

CLICK or TAP HERE to start your shopping.

It's important to realize that there are TWO links you can use EACH WEEK in each addition of this newsletter that will take you to Amazon. You may pass over them.

If you see a right column filled with little images, note the two that say, "Help Grow AsktheBuilder..." Do you see them??? You can click those EACH WEEK to start your shopping at Amazon.

That's enough for a Sunday morning.

Old Man Winter is about to rattle the cages of MILLIONS here in the Midwest, South and Northeast. We've got about 5 inches of snow forecast in the next 48 hours and damn cold temperatures following the frozen H2O that falls from the sky! Bah!!!!

I know, I know, I hear all you down in FL, AZ and southern CA saying, "Tim, if only you...."

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
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Do It Right, Not Over!


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