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November 13, 2012 AsktheBuilder Newsletter Part 2


I forgot to mention a few things in today's newsletter.



I'll be in Washington DC this coming Friday for a meeting. I fly in early and back home at 10 pm.

I can do a meet up for dinner. Dutch Treat.

If you can't make the dinner, I might be able to do a quick breakfast as my plane lands at 7:50 AM and I don't believe I have to be anywhere until about 10:30 or 11 AM.

If you want to get together THIS Friday, November 16, 2012, please respond to this email, but change the Subject Line to DC.

Be SURE to put in a cell phone number where you can be reached on Friday in case there's a last minute change of plans.

I'll then send out an email on Thursday as to where we'll meet and what time. I should easily be available as early as 5 pm, but it might be 6 pm.



I forgot to tell you that each week I'm adding MORE new tools to my Favorite Tools feature.

I added a great drill / driver set of bits and a very cool MoleSkine book that's a must for you.



Ugh! As usual I was pressed for time sending out today's earlier newsletter. Some pesky typos snuck into the newsletter.

I got a friendly nudge from Elaine C. about my faux pas with the Coast knife. It's knives, not knifes. Duh!

In the same review, I then put anyone and it should have been any one.



If you get value from my newsletter from time to time, you can really do yourself and me a huge favor.

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If you do lots of your Christmas shopping at Amazon.com and remember to do this, you'll benefit.

How? If I can get just 10 percent of the subscribers to do this, it can generate enough revenue for me to hire more people.

That means you get more tips, more product reviews, and better stuff! It's that simple.

You can always find the affiliate link in the ads to the right. See the ads with the green up arrow? Click one.

Thanks so much.

Tim Carter


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