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November 16, 2014 AsktheBuilder Weekend Alert

I've got two very, very fast things today.

Would you be interested in getting a check from me next week for $250, $150 or even $50 to spend on Christmas or some other urgent need?

What if I told you your odds of getting the cash were VERY, VERY HIGH?

I'm not kidding.

This is NOT a GIMMICK.

Your chances to win END in about 36 hours.

You have to play NOW or you can't win the money.

I'll not be sending out another message to remind you.

This is it. Stop procrastinating.

To have a chance of winning the money, all you have to do is invest about three minutes of your time and discover something cool at the same time about air filter technology.

CLICK HERE to play and possibly win!

Belgian Draft Horse Next To My House!

Two days ago, I heard a chain saw revving up VERY close to my house, too close in fact.

I got up, went outside and saw a logger was cutting on my neighbor's lot to the south. When it was safe to approach the logger, I introduced myself and talked with him for a few moments.

"Wait until you see how I'm going to get these giant logs up the hill. I'll be back in an hour. You may want to come outside and watch this for sure."

That got my interest, so I came back out when I saw him pull up to the lot.

CLICK HERE to see what I saw:

What do you think of that? The horse's name is Dick, he's just shy of his 26th birthday and Mark Kaar is the logger in the video.

Mark and Dick live only about two miles as the bird flies from my house in Sanbornton, NH and Mark has two younger Belgian draft horses that are still *pups*. He says they're a handful.

In all seriousness, go PLAY the FilterScan game and get entered to win the CASH PRIZES.

It's not a scam, and you may discover something that can help you at the same time.

I'll be back on Tuesday with a normal newsletter.

Hah, what's NORMAL with me????

If Kathy was here, she'd say, "Not a thing."

🙂 I know Kathy loves me, right dear? Kathy??

Tim Carter


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