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November 18, 2014 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

Christmas is coming.

It's like the whistle on an approaching train. You can hear it before you see it.

I've got a bunch of great gift ideas for you this week buried within the newsletter.

Some of the BEST ones, believe it or not, are about clothes. I believe I've finally discovered the Holy Grail of work and play clothes. Kathy agrees.

I'm also doing an experiment.

It's at the end of this video. Please take the time, if you can, to leave a comment at the bottom of the page of this video. It will really help me make this newsletter better for you.

Winners of Fein Multimaster Game

The three winners of the Fein Multimaster game are:

Steve Heim - a NEW Fein Multimaster Q 350

Fransisco Corona - $50 COLD CASH

Melanie No Last Name - Veto ProPack MC Tool bag

CONGRATS to the winners! You can be a WINNER, but you need to PLAY.

New game is below!!!

Amazing Short New Hampshire Scenic Video

Do you want to see what I see as I drive around my small state? This is why Kathy and I decided to move here when we were here on our honeymoon in 1974.

CLICK HERE to watch an amazing SHORT video. Leave a comment on the page if you are motivated to do so.

Holy Grail of Work and Play Clothes

Years ago, I thought jeans were the best work clothes. I tried all different brands. They were not bad and you may swear by them now.

But as time wore on, pun intended, I started to explore other clothing options.

Not only was fit important, but utility and durability. I'd find some that were durable, but didn't fit me well. Or I'd find some great features but the clothes were made poorly.

Fast forward to Fire Hose. I've been a fan of Duluth Trading since they started in business nearly twenty years ago. I distinctly remember one of their first products, the Bucket Boss tool organizer that draped over an empty drywall bucket.

Soon Duluth Trading gravitated into work clothes.

As I type this, I'm wearing a pair of Fire Hose work pants - the heavyweight ones - and a comfortable Duluth Trading longtail t-shirt.

In the spring and fall, I love wearing the Fire Hose Flex pants.

One of my favorite things about these pants are the pockets. They're DEEP, and there are many different pockets for all my stuff. I need space for my Sog Flash II knife, my phone, my leather business card holder, my P238, my wallet and my FitBit.

They also sell great clothes for women too.

Duluth Trading has teamed up with me this week to sponsor a great game.

They are offering YOU FREE SHIPPING on any order of $50 or more.

Play the game and you'll SEE the FREE SHIPPING OFFER.

Play the game and you might WIN some amazing FREE clothes!

CLICK HERE to play the Duluth Trading game!

Stocking Stuffer Gifts

I've assembled this week some great stocking stuffer gifts for you if you want to put a smile on someone's face.

Fire Piston - this is a cool gift for a camper or hiker

Stanley Stubby Screwdriver - Perfect for tight spaces

Fit Bit Zip - I LOVE seeing how much I can EAT each day. FitBit tells me!

Klein J2068C Pliers - Simply AMAZING pliers

Klein 32562 Stubby Screw Driver - another great screwdriver

Model Railroaders - HELP ME!

I need your help if you're into model railroading and especially if you know anything about LARGER rolling stock.

I have quite a collection of model railroad stuff I inherited from my uncle. It's just gathering dust and I want someone else to get pleasure from it.

But I don't know WHAT I have. Click here to see just two of the giant cars I have.

HELP me by leaving a comment on that page.

That's it for this week.

More tips and news on Friday in the Weekend Warrior edition.

Tim Carter


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