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November 24, 2015 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

I've got lots to report even with the craziness of Thanksgiving upon us.

Before I go any farther, Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I'm so very thankful you're a subscriber, that you open as many issues as possible and that you click links in the newsletter that take you to fun and interesting places.

You may not celebrate Thanksgiving in your country, but here in the USA it's a time for family to gather.

It's supposed to be a joyous time, but egos can get in the way, stress can build because you don't like your in-laws or they don't like you, you dislike your own relatives, etc.

I propose this Thanksgiving that you set aside any ill feelings you may have for anyone and bury the hatchet.

My best friend Richard Anderson taught me years ago that the strongest person in a relationship says "I'm sorry" first and offers up the olive branch.

Be brave.

Be that person this Thanksgiving.

Do you remember that scene in the first Home Alone movie?

In that scene, Kevin offers his scary neighbor some advice that is LIFE CHANGING.

I'm sure you remember what Kevin saw looking through his window on Christmas morning, right?

Be brave this Thanksgiving.

I did it years ago and I can tell you it has changed my life for the better.

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Cranberry Juice, Red Wine, Gravy and Fine Linen

Do you have new carpet?

How about heirloom linens you use for Thanksgiving?

Someone is going to have an accident and SPILL something.

There's NO NEED to FREAK OUT!!

You can clean up all the spills with Stain Solver.

It's Certified organic. It's fabric and color safe.

Kathy and I own the company.

Stain Solver is the most powerful consumer-grade oxygen bleach sold in the USA.

Order the 0.4-pound SAMPLE SIZE and a secret small scrap of paper is included. It has my private phone and text number on it.

You can call or text me if you need help using Stain Solver.

What other CEO / Founder gives out their phone number like this?

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Product and Tool Award SCAMS

You may have seen other websites, magazines or other publications that make a big deal out of Awards they hand out about a new product or tool.

I'm not going to name them here so as to protect the guilty.

The publishers say awards are based on "Innovation" or "Quality" or some other SUBJECTIVE basis.

Guess what?

In many cases the awards are based on MONEY.

The website SELLS the award and companies making the product or tool PAY to get it.

Here's how to discover if the award or fancy medallion you see next to a product or tool is A SCAM.

Use the Contact Us form on the website.

Fill it out and ask them to show you the page on the website that spells out the criteria about how the winners of the award are chosen.

If they don't get back with you, then you know what the answer is.

Believe me, you'd be SHOCKED at who's doing this.

Is it illegal? NO.

Is it unethical? YES

Home Advisor TV Commercial

Last night I was tuned in to watch the New England Patriots, you know, the team many love to hate.

Anyway, set aside your feeling about pounds per square inch and listen.

I saw a commercial about a website called Home Advisor. It's a competitor to Angie's List.

You can use Home Advisor for FREE.

I'm not asking you to do it. The way Home Advisor makes their money is it's a lead-generation business model.

You, the consumer, go to their website and soon you're entranced about getting estimates for repair work at your home.

You fill out a form.

Within minutes / hours, you start getting phone calls from local contractors who PAID Home Advisor for the lead.

But BEFORE you ever use this website or any other similar one, you MUST DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE.

If you type "home advisor complaints" into any of the major search engines, you'll quickly discover websites that feature complaints about the website your researching.

Here's one troubling review I found fast about Home Advisor.

CLICK HERE to read it.

I'm sure there are many others and I'm sure you'll discover great glowing reviews for Home Advisor.

Just take your time and do research BEFORE you make a decision.

You should do this before you BUY anything.

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That's enough for today don't you think?

Remember two things:

Be Brave

ORDER Stain Solver to SAVE your carpet, linens, new top or dress.

Happy Thanksgiving! My favorite meal of the year.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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