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November 25, 2016 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

If you live in the USA, I hope you had a grand Thanksgiving Day yesterday. It's my favorite meal of the year and Kathy didn't disappoint.

I felt the turkey was especially good this year - more moist and tender than ever before. We wet brine our turkey for about eighteen hours before the bad boy goes in the oven.

If you paid attention in high school biology class and processed what your teacher said about osmosis, frogs and salt water, then you had a splendid turkey as well!

This issue is going to be all about GIFT IDEAS since today is VERY DARK GRAY Friday. Everyone else calls it Black Friday, so I want to be different.

A New TV?

A week ago, I was planning to do outdoor radio with another operator who I met online, but had never seen - Nick Mollo. He lives down around Boston, MA.

We met last Saturday at a National Wild and Scenic River here in New Hampshire. CLICK HERE to read the story and see some great photos.

I was down near Manchester, NH and Kathy had asked me to stop by the Best Buy store to see, in person, a new TV.

I can't remember when we bought a TV last, but it's been at least ten or fifteen years.


I walked back to where the TVs are on display and working and was STUNNED!

Kathy wanted me to look at the Samsung UHD Curved 55-Inch 4K Smart LED TV.

I've never seen such clarity. I could see tiny droplets of perspiration on people's faces. I could see individual whiskers. I could count the hairs in eyebrows!

They had the curved TV below a similar model but it was a typical flat screen. A DVD was playing on both TVS at the same time that showed the Hoover Dam and the new concrete bridge that spans the Colorado River above the dam. I've been there so I know what it looks like.

The shot was from a hovering helicopter so you had a very good view of the bridge and the dam below and behind it.

The image on the flat UHD TV was not bad. It was super clear and crisp. I was impressed!

When I looked at the shot on the Curved TV, I FELT AS IF I WAS IN THE HELICOPTER!

It was unbelievable. While not exactly like the surround screen you may see at an I-Max theater, it's CLOSE.

That TV is now in our great room and everyone is astonished at it.

If you're thinking of giving a TV to someone - even yourself - as a gift this Christmas, GET THIS TV.


I want to WARN YOU NOW. If you go to a store that has one on display and you see it, you'll buy one on the spot.

CLICK HERE to order one NOW from Amazon.

Remember, if you buy stuff at Amazon using my links, I get a tiny commission. It does NOT CAUSE your price to be higher. Amazon just shares a small part of their profit with me.

BernzOmatic MAP Gas Torch

Here's a GREAT stocking stuffer gift.

The BernzOmatic MAP Gas Torch kit. CLICK HERE TO WATCH a short video I did about it.

Here's the DEAL with this torch.

It's ON A SPECIAL SALE at Home Depot NOW for just a FEW MORE DAYS.

You can have this amazing torch for just $39.97. That's a pretty darn big savings, so GET TO a Home Depot store now.

You can ONLY GET this special pricing at Home Depot.

STIHL Folding Hand Saw

I just published a review about a pretty cool folding hand saw.

CLICK HERE to read it and see some pretty darned good photos.

This is a real stocking stuffer gift because it WILL FIT into a stocking. It's a great tool to have around the house for trimming branches and cutting down small pesky trees.

CLICK HERE, look at the photos and you'll see a link at the bottom of the review how to BUY it.

Kobalt STEEL GRIP Sockets

Two weeks ago, I had to remove a bolt that a car mechanic had rounded off slightly. My regular socket kept slipping.

I had just received some SPECIAL sockets to test that claim to grip bolts and hex-head fasteners that have rounded or rusted heads.

My hands were cold, I was running out of patience and bad words were passing through my lips.

I opened the Kobalt STEEL GRIP Socket package and put the 10mm socket into my ratchet.

The sockets come both SAE and Metric. I needed the metric size because I was working on my Volvo S-60.

IT WORKED! The crazy steel moveable fingers inside the socket GRABBED ONTO the rounded rusted bolt and I was able to remove it.


CLICK HERE TO BUY a set now. Be sure you get the right ones: SAE or Metric.

Heck, get a set of each. You'll NOT REGRET IT.

Okay that's enough for VERY DARK GRAY Friday.

I'll have more gift ideas for you soon.

REMEMBER, if you shop at Amazon, PLEASE USE MY LINKS to help support this newsletter.

It costs you NOTHING to use my Amazon links.

CLICK HERE and start shopping!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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