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November 27, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

If you live in the USA, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. My favorite meal of the year. All the kids and my son-in-law, will be here at the house tomorrow.

I hope you have a great holiday too. For the rest of you all over the globe, I guess it's a regular work day. But you have similar holidays in your land, right? Or do you?

I promised you nothing but Christmas Gift Ideas this issue. Guess what? I goofed up. As I started to build this issue, I discovered there are TOO MANY to put in this issue, so NEXT WEEK I'm going to have more!

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Okay, are you ready for some SWEET gift ideas? I'm going to give you ideas that range from inexpensive to pricey.

Believe me, you'll see some great things this week and next. I only list things I would BUY myself.

Here we go!


This is a sweet gift that tool lover on your list will LOVE! I have one of these Klein Pro Tool Backpacks and I'm using it, for all things, my ham radio gear.

The inside has got all sorts of great compartments to store hand tools, tape measures, you name it. It's made for a laptop as well. The bottom is a tough rubber so when you set it down, the stuff inside is protected. I could go on and on about this backpack. It's fantastic. CLICK the link above and look at the product description at Amazon. You'll be blown away.

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You can't have too many screwdrivers. I like how these Stanley FatMax screwdrivers feel in my hand. This is a very affordable set and I love the color coding. Red is for flat and Blue is for Phillips.

# # # #


I believe I told you about this last year. Why? I use my Bosch Portable Table Saw at least once a week! I LOVE how it folds away and stores in my shed. The saw produces an accurate cut. It's got enough power to cut southern yellow pine 2x material at a 45-degree angle!!!! Trust me, that's impressive. If you've wanted a table saw, but don't have the room, give this a serious look.

# # # #


Are traditional circular saws too heavy for you? Do you have a tough time controlling them and making straight cuts? You may want to try this revolutionary design.

The Rockwell VersaCut Circular Saw is much smaller than a traditional circular saw. It's perfect for cutting thin materials and 1x material. This model cuts up to 1 and 1/16th deep. The RK3441K model will cut through 2X material.

This is a very cool tool that should bring a smile to both a master carpenter or that rookie DIYer that's just getting started.

# # # #


LED flashlights are a dime a dozen. There are HUNDREDS of models and brands.

I've fallen in love with Coastal LED Flashlights because they're great quality. I'm a CERT team member and I have two different ones in my Go backpack. I have a third one that fits on my belt in a nice pouch.

When you're at Amazon looking at this Flashlight, look at all the different Coastal models to find the perfect one for you or that someone on your list.

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How many times have you needed STRONG heavy string for ????? This polyester microcord is the cat's meow.

This is what I use to get thin antenna wires up into trees. Anyone that goes camping knows you can't have enough small cord for countless tasks.

This small spool fits in your pocket. It comes in all sorts of colors. It's CHEAP. It may save your life one day. Buy three or four spools and be sure to put one in you car's glove box.

# # # #


Speaking of SURVIVAL, are you taking it seriously?

You hear often about the fun I'm having with amateur radio, but did you realize you can get into the hobby for LESS THAN $30?

Seriously!!!!!!! This is a really good Baofeng HT radio for less than $30.

Buy one now. You can LISTEN to the local repeaters in your area until you get your Technician's license. Many of my buddies have this radio as a backup. I've asked Santa to bring me one! I hope he does. I've been a good boy this year!


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