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NWWDA Hallmark Certified Wood Windows


100 ... Oooooops! I Meant 1,000 Plus Certified Wood Windows

I was aiming to deliver to you 100 wood windows that carry the NWWDA Hallmark Certification. Guess what? There are actually well over 1,000 available and more will be available each month as more manufacturers see that they must participate in this program to remain competitive.

Some of the manufacturers only have a portion of their windows certified. Others have their entire product line certified. For example, BiltBest has only one portion of its line certified. It is the Spirit Clad and Wood Casement Windows Product category. There are a total of 91 windows in different sizes just from this single manufacturer.

Certain manufacturers - believe it or not - did not respond to my requests for a listing of their products that are certified. I hope you don't run into the same difficulties when you call them!

Here is a partial list of NWWDA Hallmark Certified Wood Windows:

Andersen Corporation

Their marketing manager called me and said that every single wood window in their product line carries the certification. I opened my most recent Andersen Window catalog and lost count at 314 windows...... I know there are more! You can call Andersen for a full line catalog or visit one of the hundreds of distributors across the nation.

BiltBest Windows

At this time, just the Spirit Clad and Wood Casement Windows are certified. These include roundtop units and transom windows. There are a total of 91 windows with this manufacturer.

Eagle Windows & Doors

Several of Eagle's product lines are certified. they are as follows:

  • Aluminum Clad Wood Casement Vent
  • Aluminum Clad Wood Casement Picture
  • Aluminum Clad Wood Tilt-in Vent Double Hung
  • Aluminum Clad Wood Fixed Double Hung

I was not able to get a quantity count, but I suspect that they have a minimum of 125 wood window products in these combined lines.

Kolbe & Kolbe

These people supplied me with information that stated that a portion of their product line is certified. Here is what they told me:

  • Clad Magnum Casements
  • Wood Magnum Casements
  • Clad Magnum Double Hungs
  • Wood Magnum Double Hungs
  • Wood Magnum Tilt-Turn
  • Wood Magnum Hopper
  • Casement Single Sash
  • Traditional Double Hung
  • Royal Double Hung

Marvin Windows

I was told by a Marvin executive that a majority of their entire wood window product line is Hallmark certified. This represents possibly well over 500-750 wood window products. If you operate under the assumption that they will incorporate the same quality in their custom made windows - then they offer an infinite amount of certified products! Marvin will make any window you want. They have made many custom window units for me.

Here is a listing of the Marvin Window categories that are certified:

  • Wood Casemaster
  • Wood Awning
  • Wood Double Hung
  • Wood Glider
  • Wood Round Top
  • Wood Polygon
  • Clad Casemaster
  • Clad Awning
  • Clad Double Hung
  • Clad Glider
  • Clad Round Top
  • Clad Polygon
  • Wood Magnum Double Hung
  • Wood Magnum Historical Double Hung
  • Wood Magnum Single Hung
  • Wood Magnum Tilt-Turn
  • Wood Magnum Hopper
  • Clad Magnum Double Hung
  • Clad Magnum Tilt Turn
  • Clad Magnum Hopper

Sun Windows

Sun Windows offers a huge variety of certified products. They are located in western Kentucky and distribute all over the nation. The following lines are certified:

  • Clad Wood Double Hungs
  • Clad Wood Casements
  • Clad Stationary Units

The Clad Stationary Unit category includes hundreds of windows - fixed picture windows, circle tops, octagons, etc.

Malta, Norco, Sealrite, and SNE did not respond to my request for certified products.

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