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October 16, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

This past Monday was a national holiday. Here in New Hampshire, it's always the last day of the massive Sandwich Fair.

I'd never been to this cornucopia of humanity, animals and fried dough, so Kathy and I went to the fair on Saturday with my youngest daughter and her best friend who was in town visiting.

Who knew oxen were so BIG???!!! Who knew you could love miniature horses for just $2 or dislike them for free? (I added the dislike phrase because on their sign it just said, "Come in and love one for just $2.00.)

On Monday morning, I was working with my CERT team. Each year, we get paid by the Fair organizers to help park cars for handicapped patrons and the carnies working the Fair.

It was my first time parking cars at the Fair, and I was assigned the "lower 40". This is a large grass field where you park cars a certain way. Failure to do this creates a maze of unorganized cars with the potential for cars to get trapped.

Midway through my shift, a rude and selfish woman refused my signals and decided to park where she wanted. She cursed at me.

My reply was, "You go ahead and park where you want, but your car may not be there when you return at the end of the day." I hate to start confrontations, but if one starts, it's like Texas Holdem' for me - I'm all in.

She parked her car, got out and yelled at my turned back. Five minutes later, she was back. My guess is she started to wonder if I would call a tow truck. She moved her car to another location.

Then Mo the Clown showed up. He listened to my instructions and said, "I've been coming here for twenty-five years and always park in this lot. I know where to go." I responded, "Thanks. I just got verbally abused by a very obstinate woman who insisted on parking where she wanted."

Mo drove to the tree line, parked, gathered his gear and walked towards me so he could enter the Fair.

He stopped and started to blow up a long, thin balloon. As he twisted and tied it he spoke, "Listen, if anyone else gives you trouble today, shoot them with this!"

Thanks Mo! Just what I needed. A blue blaster! If you live in New Hampshire and want to hire Mo for your next party, click the photo below.

IMPORTANT: Be SURE you watch the video far below in my I Didn't Know That feature. I guarantee you it will bring another smile to your face. :->


How many times have you given yourself a V8 forehead slap? It happens to me all the time. I ASSUME you know all the tips I know - even the easy ones.

Guess what? People need reminders. Constant reminders.

Margaret Wooten emailed me over the weekend. She wanted to share how she used our Stain Solver to make a dingy white porcelain kitchen sink (it just as easily could have been stainless steel or colored china) look NEW again with just some hot water and one-half cup of Stain Solver. Look at how WHITE her sink is!

Is your sink stained with fruit stains, coffee, tea, or who-knows-what? All Margaret did was fill the sink with hot water and drop in one-half cup of Stain Solver. She walked away and came back a few hours later to a sink that looked like it was just installed.

Yes, Stain Solver can renew just about anything.

Yesterday, I finished taping videos showing how to clean a horizontal outdoor wood surface (same process for vertical siding or fences), paving brick and outdoor stone surfaces. Today we hope to tape a video showing how to clean the side of a house.

If you want to TEST Stain Solver or send some to a friend, you should try our cute Sample Size. It makes one gallon of solution for outdoor uses and two gallons if you want to test it indoors.

You can get the Sample Size right now for just $8.97, including FREE SHIPPING, to anywhere in the USA or US Territories.

This price and deal is only going to last for a few days. Early next week, I'll be raising the price of the small sample size back up to its MSRP.

Get a Small Stain Solver now.

When you see how well Stain Solver works after you purchase this small sample, you can come back and purchase a larger size.


I opened a box a few days ago. Inside was a folded mat containing radiant heating cables. NuHeat custom-made the mat. They also have stock sizes.

Here's a photo of the rolled up mat. You can see the wires that create the heat. The mat measures just under 12 feet long and 7 feet wide. I'll be shooting video showing it being installed, so you can see what it looks like unrolled.

This radiant heat system is designed to go under ceramic tile or laminate flooring. I'm going to install laminate flooring over this mat.

It's not too hard to install the mat. You embed it into thinset and then cover the radiant mat with a self-leveling floor compound before you install the ceramic tile or laminate flooring.

The mats are available in standard sizes or you can have them custom made for your room size.

You'll have to run a new electric circuit to power the mat. You can purchase a special computerized programmable thermostat to minimize energy usage. NuHeat offers a complete system.

Consider this if you're remodeling a bathroom or are building a new home. If you don't want to tackle this job yourself, there are often approved contractors in your area who can install this product and have you toasty warm in no time.


Do you want to stop water from entering your basement or crawlspace? If you hire a company to stop water from coming into your basement, they might charge you about $4,000, or more, for the job.

What if I told you it can be done for less than $300 in most cases?

You need to watch my new Linear French Drain DVD. I believe I shot close to 35 or so separate instructional videos that are on this DVD.

I'm going to have it on sale for the next five days at just $19.95. This includes shipping!

Next week the price WILL GO UP to the regular $29.95.

This is a PRESALE. The DVDs are not ready to ship yet. You're getting the PRESALE price. I hope to ship them just before the end of October.

PreOrder the DVD now before the price goes up.


Can you help me? I'm trying like crazy to break into the horse-owners market. I had a New Hampshire veterinarian, Valerie Fraser, test Stain Solver around her horses.

She said, "Your cleaning product is really good. It helped clean the concrete floor in my barn alley. (And no chemical smell)."

If you own horses, have you tried Stain Solver yet to clean anything around your great friends with the big eyes?

What are the top horse magazines I can contact? Can you test Stain Solver as did Valerie? Can you send photos to me showing it used in your barn? Can you tell me a story about how it helped you?

What's the best way to get Stain Solver in front of horse owners?

I want horse owners all across the USA to realize Stain Solver is a Certified Organic multi-purpose cleaner that's SAFE to use around their companions!

Guess what? The same goes for ANY ANIMAL. It's safe to use Stain Solver around cats, dogs, etc. You just don't want to get the solution on any mucus membrane or in the eyes of your pet. That's common sense, right?


I'm working on curating all the content about the Dishwasher Damage Debacle. Wow, it's taking a while because there are so many comments to add.

I also have to put together the time line and responses I received from the manufacturer and their PR team. Please be patient. It's worth it.

I also need to do a small experiment, on video, to show you, what I believe, is the primary problem.

Here's the bottom line for now: If you have fine china, clear glasses or logo mugs you love, do NOT put them in the dishwasher.

Clean them by hand. Based on the emails I received, I'd venture to say MILLIONS of consumers are experiencing damage to dishes and glasses and just think it's normal.

Wait until you read the countless comments sent to me. Yours may be one.


Technology is creeping into your home at an alarming rate. Do you have anything in your home you can control REMOTELY via the Internet?

Here are a few examples:

  • garage door opener
  • security cameras
  • baby monitor
  • thermostat
  • door locks
  • etc.

What if I told you these devices are being attacked daily by evil hackers for all sorts of nefarious purposes? What if I told you a hacker could be watching you through your own camera while you walk around your home? You better wear a robe around the house from now on.

I suggest you read this article and perform your due diligence BEFORE you purchase things you control with apps on your smartphone or from a computer ten or ten thousand miles from your home.


Every year, there's a leaf or leaves that finally push people over the edge. Are you one of these people this year? Are you sick and tired of cleaning out your gutters?

Do you want the gutter screen or cover that keeps everything but water out of your gutters? Do you want the winner of my gutter guard long-term test?

Please go READ the story on this page and watch the videos too. CLICK the TEXT LINKS that say "Mastershield" if you want a professional to install your gutter guards.

If you discover there's no installer in your area, then CLICK THIS LINK and purchase the gutter guards yourself. Have a local handyman install them for you.


Well, I need to do a better job of promoting my videos and my playlists!

Only 16 percent of you knew that I had all those playlists at my YouTube channel.

Here's this week's challenge. Remember, you have to go watch a video THEN come back here to this page to VOTE.

Watch this video:

Septic System Uncovered!

Here's the question I want you to answer:

Did you know about the distribution box that's part of a septic system?

CLICK one of the two choices below to VOTE:

Hey Tim! GIVE UP! I'm smarter than you. I've forgotten more about septic systems than you'll ever know.


You GOT ME that time Tim! I didn't know didily squat about distribution boxes!


More tips next week!


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