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October 20, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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Did you just subscribe in the past four days? If so, this is a RARE Sunday email. You'll discover I send out reminder emails when special sales are about to end.

Today is one of those days. This is a REMINDER EMAIL so you save money.

Each time I send an email like this on Sunday's I get many thank-you-Tim emails.

Regular newsletters are loaded with tips and other things.

You'll see that on Tuesday.

Let's talk about the two ending sales, then I'll treat you to some New England eye candy.


I put the small sample size of Stain Solver on sale on Tuesday. We sold out in two days of everything we had in stock.

I kicked it into high gear and we filled and boxed more!

Why should you buy Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach? There are hundreds and hundreds of reasons. You can look at the countless Before and After photos at the Stain Solver site.

But for now, just look at the photos Brad sent us:

That mildew and dirt is gross. Ready for the After photo?

Resistance is futile. I'll wear you down. You WILL buy Stain Solver. How many great Before and After photos will it take?

All kidding aside, Stain Solver can get hundreds of things clean.

Right now, in my own laundry room, I've got a pot soaking. It had horrible baked-on grease inside that no amount of rubbing would remove. Stain Solver softened the grease overnight. When I go to clean it, it will come right off.

I took a Before photo last night. I'll take an After one in an hour. I'll share both on Tuesday.

But by then the SALE WILL BE OVER. You better order your Stain Solver now. The small sample size has already been MARKED DOWN.

You get FREE SHIPPING too. It's just $8.97 to try out Stain Solver. ORDER IT NOW.

We ship to anywhere in the USA and US Territories. Yes, I'm trying to get Australian, UK and other distribution. Hang in there.

Go ahead. Take a chance for once in your life.

The SALE ENDS at Midnight tonight (October 20, 2013).

Don't believe me? Wait till you see the shopping cart tomorrow.


STOP WATER from entering your basement or crawlspace now.


You do it with one of my linear french drains.

Read this testimonial about how well they work:

"Dear Tim,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your advice on how to handle the significant water problem I had in the basement of my 1820's house (now serving as a B&B Inn).

The chronic water influx that resulted from the new residential construction uphill from my place literally jeopardized both the safety and value of the Inn and its function. Moisture damage and mold were making it an unhealthy to place to live - not to mention operate as a B&B.

Your instructions as to how to install the linear french drain around the periphery, the depth and the appropriate slope requirements turned out to be the "Magic Bullet" which totally solved the problem. The outflow from that trench drain actually became a small stream through all of the severely wet spring weather we have had this year.

Being cautious, I had also installed a sump pump inside as a backup. That pump never even came on! A really terrific aspect of the trench system is that it operates completely on its own without any energy input.

Thanks to gravity and Ask the Builder, I have actually been able to paint the floor and now have additional workspace that was completely uninhabitable before the drain was installed. Your assistance was greatly appreciated.

Best regards,"

Fred Hoffmeister

Maria Atwood Inn B&B, Franklin, NH

* * * * *

This is a professionally produced video.

Look at the graphics. My son did these. Great job young man!

Linear French Drain Streaming Video

Do your own DIY install of a Linear French Drain with Tim Carter's time-tested methods and materials! CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER NOW!

If you hire a professional waterproofing company to stop the water from entering your basement, you'll spend at least $4,000 to do the job.

Go back up and read what Fred said.

You can probably do it yourself, or hire a few laborers and get it done for $250.


The SALE ENDS at Midnight tonight (October 20, 2013).



I thought the color would be so-so this year. I was wrong.

I'll be back with more tips on Tuesday. I have a SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT for you on Tuesday. You get to help re-design a boatload of my products.

You'll get FREE DOWNLOADS on Tuesday - OPEN Tuesday's newsletter!!!!

Now for the photos:

Below is a photo of the shed I built last summer with a bunch of help from Robert. Thanks Robert!!

If you want to build one just like it, you should watch ALL the videos I shot while doing it.

You can purchase access to those by clicking here.

My Shed in the fall.

More tips on Tuesday! Get out and enjoy the day!


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