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October 23, 2012 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

Lots of exciting stuff is happening here at AsktheBuilder.com. For one, the DIY shed project has come to a close! More on that below. If you're one that purchased the videos, read the announcement below.

As the weather turns colder and I'll be spending more time indoors, I'm embarking on a new project that's sure to get your attention. Soon you'll be able to watch in-depth teaching videos. I've been waiting for a few years for all the elements to do this to come into alignment. The great news is that technology has advanced to a point where this can be done somewhat easily and cost effectively.

Here's an example. Would you like to attend a live online class - or watch a taped version of the class - where I show you how to:

  • solder a copper pipe
  • make PEX pipe fittings
  • cut a straight line with a circular saw
  • patch a small hole in drywall use a coping saw
  • cut ceramic tile with different tools
  • cut in a straight line with a paintbrush and NO tape

I think you get the picture. There are HUNDREDS of things you probably want me to show you. Keep in mind I'm talking about something I could demonstrate in 15 or 30 minutes. What do you want me to show you? REPLY to this email and tell me. Change the Subject to: Video Classes. I'll put it on the list!

P.S. Remember, your idea for a class needs to be something I can show you in 30 minutes or less. In other words, don't tell me you need me to show you how to remodel your kitchen. I can't do that in 30 minutes. :->>>


Tip of the Week - Using the Right Saw

I think you'll enjoy this story about a young carpenter.

One day this fledgling carpenter had to make a rectangular hole in the center of a very expensive Douglas Fir exterior front door. The hole was for a mail slot. A fancy brass frame covered the hole on both sides of the door. The hole needed to be about 12 inches long by about 2 inches high.

The door was 1 and three-quarters-inch thick. This carpenter thought the best tool to use for this job was a jigsaw. He thought this because the hole was pretty small and it seemed impossible to cut the small 2-inch legs of the hole with any other tool.

The young lad carefully drilled three-eighths-inch pilot holes at each corner of the rectangle for the jigsaw blade. He plugged in the saw and started to cut being sure to keep the blade on the pencil line.

He completed the cut and the hole looked perfect - at least from the side of the door that was facing up. He made the cut while the door was resting flat on saw horses.

The rookie carpenter picked up the door, carried it to the frame and began to install it. Shock came to his face when he looked at the other side of the door.

The cutout hole was grotesque and much larger than the perfect rectangle that he saw on the other side. Fortunately for him the brass hardware frame just barely covered the gaping hole.

What the inexperienced carpenter didn't realize is the jigsaw blade would tilt when cutting through thick material. The blade wasn't rigid enough to stay oriented at a 90-degree angle as it cut through the thick, dense wood.

That wet-behind-the-ears carpenter was me many years ago.

Ever since that day, I've used the right saw for the job. In retrospect, I should have used a circular saw to carefully cut the long legs of the rectangle. A router, making several passes at several depths, could have been used to cut the small 2-inch legs.

The bottom line is that you need to know the limitations of the saws and other tools you use. Match them up accordingly with the task at hand.


Bosch Clutter Contest - You MUST Look at the Current Clutter Photos!

I don't know about you, but money is tight right now. Wouldn't you like to win $1,000 worth of Bosch loot? I know I would, but I'm not eligible because I'm a member of the media.

Bosch is promoting a fantastic line of new storage boxes. They're call the L-Boxx. I've owned all sorts of tool boxes and bags over the years, but I have to tell you that these new L-Boxxes are some of the most practical storage boxes I've ever seen.

Bosch Take Back Your Day

But let's get back to the contest. All you have to do is take two or three photos of your messy garage storage shelves, your firetrap basement workshop, your packed-solid work shed, or the garbage dump you call the back of your work van or pickup truck. You get the point.

You then upload these photos to the Bosch website - very easy to do - and then just write up a description of the chaos that exists around your tools.

I know what you're thinking, "Tim, I've entered lots of contests but I NEVER win. This will be another WASTE of time." Hah! You're wrong!

You have a fantastic chance of winning. I know because I've seen the other entries!!! Go look for yourself. I'll bet you that you've got a MUCH BIGGER mess and you can win!

Go now to the Bosch Take-Back-Your-Day Contest page and look at all the entries at the bottom of the page. Do this BEFORE you take your photos. You'll get inspiration looking through the entries. I'm sure your workspace is worthy of a win!

Do you know someone with a messy workspace? FORWARD this email to them and get them to enter!


DIY Shed Video Update

If you purchased either through Kickstarter or directly from me the complete video set of my DIY Shed Project, you'll be happy to hear that I'm starting on the editing process now.

If you've not purchased them yet, go here to get them.

Two things delayed this process. A little over three weeks ago I received the bad news that my very close friend Mike was at death's door. That caused a major disruption in my life right when I was trying to tape the last videos. I finally taped the last videos this past Saturday.

Just after hearing about Mike's terminal condition, my iMac hard drive crashed. It took about five days to get it back from the Apple store. But just after getting it back, I had to leave town to attend Mike's memorial service.

I know, you're sick of excuses. But it's the truth. The good news is that you're going to get far more than you bargained for. Originally I was to give you 100 videos. I've far surpassed that. I have no idea how many videos I have, but just the set about building the stairs is nearly 25 in-depth videos!

I'll be releasing access to the videos as I edit them. This will allow you to get started on your shed project. I'll start at the beginning and work forward for you.


Stain Solver FLASH SALE

Here's a quick Stain Solver sale for you. Our second-most popular size is on sale.

The 4.5-pound, our second-most popular SKU, size is now 10 percent off with FREE SHIPPING too. There are only 300 of these at this sale price. When they are gone, the price jumps back up to the regular price. Hurry, these will sell out FAST.


Makita Job Site Radio Review

I reviewed a very nice job site radio. Go here to watch the video review.


Do You Want Me to CALL You?

Do you have a problem at your house? Maybe you need coaching about how to do something.

For years I've had a product at my shopping cart where I can help you for just 15 minutes. I've helped hundreds of people over the years.

Well, I've put this item on sale. It's now 60 percent OFF! CLICK HERE to get this fantastic price.

I've NEVER BEFORE offered this kind of huge discount on this product. It's insane on my part because of the time commitment. But I feel that in these tough economic times, you may need help over the phone.

Only 200 people will get it for this price. You can buy multiple units of the 15 minutes if you want.

For example, if you feel you need to talk for an hour, then purchase four of the 15-Minute segments. You get the point.

It's going to be on a first-buy first-called-back basis. If you need to talk to me SOON, you better pull the trigger on this sale right now.

If you live somewhere else other than the USA, you'll have to have Skype installed to do this. I can't afford - at the sale price - to make international calls on my regular phone.


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