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October 23, 2016 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Two days from now I'll be in the Big D.

Dallas, Texas

I'm there as a guest of Honeywell. They want me to look at some of their newest home comfort and technology products.

I promise to take great photos and come back with a full report on what I saw.


I'm doing an AsktheBuilder.com meet up there. I'd love to meet you if you have a few hours in the afternoon of Tuesday, October 25th.

Be at Dave & Buster’s in Dallas, 9450 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75231, at 2 pm.

I'll meet you in the lobby. If you run late, ask for the Tim Carter table. We'll have about two hours to chit chat and exchange tall tales!

At an AsktheBuilder meet up, you're allowed to ask any question you desire. Nothing is off the table.

If you want to make sure I'll be there, just track Southwest Flight 2703 out of Baltimore into Love Field.

If that flight is on time, then that means I'll be at Dave and Buster's on time.

Tub and Shower Grab Bar SAFETY

As you might expect, I get lots of questions at AsktheBuilder.com.

Ruth Ann emailed me a few days ago and I hope that she took my advice.

CLICK HERE to see what I told her to do so she WOULD NOT FALL in her tub and shower.

This page has a GREAT VIDEO you should watch.

Leaking Windows

Maureen lives in Virginia Beach, VA. I was just there about three weeks ago. Too bad I couldn't stop by.

She had a new vinyl window installed in her home and it's leaking worse than the RMS Titanic after it scraped against the iceberg.

The contractor has tried to repair it and nothing has worked. The big storm two weeks ago brought all sorts of wind-driven rain.

She asked for my help. As you might imagine, it's hard to help being 660+ miles away.

In a nutshell, here's where I'd start:

  • Look for obvious gaps between any part of the window or where the window touches up against the outside wall covering
  • Start low on the window and run gentle hose water on the sill to see if you can recreate the leak
  • Continue to raise the hose water higher on the window until the leak shows up

Before you sign a contract for replacement windows, be sure you're getting the BEST ONES.

The BEST WINDOWS are designed not to leak water.

They're made with the BEST materials and they're CERTIFIED by an independent organization.

If you have the best windows, then a leak is happening someplace other than the window itself.

Great windows last longer, they let less air leak into and out of your home and they're a far better investment.

How do you know the windows you're getting are the best? You knew this was coming, didn't you?

CLICK HERE to discover the SECRET to selecting the best-made windows.

New Quiz!

The positive comments about my new quizzes are off the charts. Here's one of my favorite ones:

Barbara Paulson said, "Thanks, Tim ... I hope I'm not one of those dumb 72-year-old broads."

No, Barbara, you're one of the SMART and SASSY 72-year-old broads that's willing to DISCOVER new and helpful information that will save you time and sweet moola!

The quizzes are designed to make you laugh - out loud preferably! Do they make you laugh? If so, tell me.

At the top of each quiz I have a line about " ... testing the depths of your ignorance."

I feel it's VERY IMPORTANT for you to know why I say it that way. That line was seared into my brain back in 1972 by Dr. Ken Caster.

CLICK HERE to read a story about Dr. Caster that will enlighten you, especially if you're a teacher or know one.

I've added a NEW FEATURE in the quizzes.

Color photos!!

This should make the quiz easier and help you discover more new things.

CLICK HERE to take my new Basic Plumbing Quiz Level 1.

Once again, please leave a comment under the quiz to let me know if you like them or have a helpful suggestion.

Also, would you be interested in a real online study course for various topics? I mean a real step-by-step quiz process that allows you to get up to speed on certain topics? If I do this, there'd be a modest fee involved just like when you pay tuition at a college.

The study guide would be designed just like this quiz with the explanations on the page AFTER you view your score.

That's enough for today.

I'll have some news about my trip to Dallas for you soon.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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