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October 7, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

New subscriber? Welcome! This is a fairly odd issue. When I have RARE sales on my stuff, I send out a reminder email when the sale is hours away from ending. This is one of those days.

But hang in there, as this issue has some very cool stuff.

Notable subscriber of past time? Please tell the new subscribers that the last time I had a big sale at the shopping cart Henry Ford was playing patty-cake with this friend Pedro.

Two years ago, when I was writing my Roofing Ripoff book about the huge scam concerning your asphalt roof shingles I included a small part about a light bulb.

It's not just any light bulb mind you. My advisors said to take out that part of the book because it had nothing to do with shingles.

The point I was trying to make is that there are all sorts of products that have been made to last and last but ethics and money sometimes get in the way. I wish I would have left it in the book now. But that's water over the dam.

centennial light bulb

CLICK HERE to read the fascinating story about this light bulb that burns CONTINUOUSLY.

Be sure to pay attention to WHO bought the company.

LAST CALL for ATB Anniversary Sale

This is the LAST CALL for my sale.

You can get 25% off MANY, not all, items at my shopping cart.

You can't get a discount on Stain Solver, the copper strips that protect your shingles, stainless-steel flashings, and some of my DVDS. Anything made from atoms is pretty much exempt except for my helpful Linear French Drain Stream Video.

Here's what you should look at in the cart to take advantage of this sale:

Basic Structural Concepts eBook

Linear French Drain Streaming Video

I Draw Your Plumbing Plans

New House Cost Estimator

Sample Blueprints - What YOUR Plans should look like!

Roofing Ripoff book PDF version

There are MANY MORE products I could name, but I'd bore you. This is a RARE opportunity to SAVE BIG MONEY.

The promo code to use is:


The sale ends in HOURS.

CLICK HERE to see all products.

Enlarge Opening in a Bearing Wall

Have you thought about the process of creating an opening in a wall?

Do you know where to start?

PLEASE GO WATCH the video of me in this new column. I'm talking about the video where you see me standing in a room with red walls.

enlarge opening in bearing wall

That's quite enough for a Sunday morning. I'm wearing my spiffy American Flag bow tie today at church.

I always get lots of compliments about it. Here it is before I tie it.

I should have some great revised columns for you this coming week.

Watch for your next issue.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
Certified Organic Man - www.StainSolver.com
Radio Operator - www.W3ATB.com

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