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October 8, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

What's that old saying? Never underestimate your opponent.

After last week, I suggest it be modified to say: Never underestimate your newsletter subscribers.

The replies to my "What's Best in Life" special newsletter overwhelmed me - not only in volume, but also the thoughtfulness included in your message to me. I found it impossible to reply to each email. I hope you understand.

Thank you very much for your kind words.

Based on what you said, I need to share more of my thoughts about simpler times. You told me you'd like to read stories written which will pull great memories from the cobwebs in your mind. You also told me to put a big grin on your face. I can do that.

Well, there's good news. I'm about to share with you a secret project I've been working on since July. If I do my job well, all the things I just mentioned above will happen and you'll be very happy.

I'm not ready just yet to disclose what I'm doing, but please open each of the upcoming AsktheBuilder.com newsletters that drop into your inbox.

I'll help you by creating another unique subject line as I did last week. If all goes well, I'll share this non-building writing project with you no later than Halloween.


Yesterday, I wrote a column about the not-so-simple task of drilling into solid rock or concrete. Perhaps you need to chip away at asphalt or concrete to undercut it so a patch will hold for decades.

Did you know there are new cordless tools for jobs like this? What are your options if you own a traditional corded tool that requires 120 volts of AC, but you don't have commercial power nearby. Are you aware of the newer small generators about the size of a piece of carry-on luggage?

Read this column about drilling and chipping solid rock. I'll bet you'll want one of those drills for sure!


Just over three weeks ago, I finished installing a linear french drain here at my house. It's a project I've wanted to videotape for decades. I got my chance.

However, I couldn't get the videos edited before I went on the road trip. Last week whizzed by and this week is looking no better!

I'm working on producing a professional DVD you can purchase showing you all the needed steps to stop water from entering your basement or crawlspace.

I promise you I'll have a pre-sale next week so you can get a great deal on this pro DVD you can watch offline at your home.


In southwest New Hampshire, there's a collection of stone-arched bridges built before the War of Northern Aggression. If you live north of the Mason-Dixon line, you'll know this as the Civil War.

These bridges were built using no mortar. The stones are held in place by gravity and friction. It's ancient time-tested technology.

If you want a small challenge and have some patience, you can create a small one in your yard. I guarantee you it will be gorgeous.

Please read this column:

How to Build an Arched-Stone Bridge


Each week public relations people pummel me with products. That's a good thing. Last week, I received some glue samples to test. Yesterday I received a box from the Ace Hardware PR team.

In the box was a color swatch of this fall season's Clark and Kensington designer colors.

Certain people on the planet want to paint the inside and outside of their homes the colors designers feel are best. Other folks like to paint colors they prefer.

Here's a photo I took of the color swatch I was sent. Realize your computer monitor settings can alter the actual colors.

If you want to be in the In Crowd, you may want to take a look at the Clark and Kensington 2013 Fall Designer Colors.

I tried to locate a webpage for you to look at, but was not able to find one that had the color swatch at the Ace site.

The PR firm did not send me a URL as well. If you want to see the real colors, my guess is you need to drop into the Ace Hardware store nearest you.


You may have been one of the 19 percent that knew about the great plastic spacers used to build glass-block windows and walls.

Or you were in the 81 percent group that discovered a new technique! WOO HOO! Congratulations to you.

This week I've got an odd I Didn't Know That for you.

My guess is you don't visit my AsktheBuilder channel on YouTube on a regular basis. I get that. Years ago, YouTube created technology allowing a video creator like me to link together related videos that play in a series. You can see why this would be helpful. They're called Playlists.

Go to my Playlist page at the AsktheBuilder YouTube channel.

Here's what I want to know and don't fib:

Were you aware of ALL of the special playlists I have created for you? Look at all of the playlists! Look at the number of videos in some of the playlists! Click the Show More button at the bottom of the page!

Remember, you have to VOTE here by clicking one of the two links below.

Tim, I go to your YouTube channel each week. Of course I knew about ALL of your NEW playlists.


WOW! Cowabunga Tim! I had NO IDEA you had so many videos and playlists! WOO HOO! I'm going to watch many of them so I can save sweet moola and time!


More Tips and Information Next Week.


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