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Online Courses – Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation Crack Repair

A four-part series about the proper way to waterproof the walls of your house foundation.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • What the black-looking compound sprayed on a foundation does
  • The difference between damproofing and waterproofing a foundation
  • The importance of a drainage system to keep a basement dry
  • Why waterproofing isn't used by many builders (a big mistake!)
  • What damproofing does to minimize water infiltration
  • Why waterproofing is BETTER than damproofing
  • How backfilling too soon can promote water infiltration
  • Piping water away from your foundation with a sump pump
  • The placement of downspouts around your home
  • A list of manufacturers who make good waterproofing products

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