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OV LED Headlamp Review

ov led headlamp

I've got the OV LED headlamp on. It's pretty slick. It's light and the light is bright as you'll see just below.  Ignore the somewhat messy office. CLICK MY NOSE to order this headlamp now. Only $15 at the time of the review! Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

OV LED Headlamp Review

I don't often get excited about new products. I think it's because I see so many.

It's important to realize the moment I saw the OV LED headlamp I was quite interested to see how it would work.

You can see the OV LED Headlamp works well! This is on low!!!! It's blinding if you have to stare at it. But since you'll be working, it's not going to bother you unless you're installing mirrors in the dark. CLICK THE BRIGHT LIGHT NOW to have one delivered to your home. Only $15 at the time this review was created.

ov led headlamp

This is a close up of the light emitting diodes (LEDs) that create the light. No bulbs to replace! WOOT! CLICK my THUMB to have one of these headlamps in your hands in days.

You're looking at the strip of LEDs that create the light. You can barely feel this is on your head. I loved that as other headlamps are HEAVY. CLICK the LEDs now and have this on your head in days.

ov led headlamp

The OV LED headlamp requires three AAA batteries. They DO NOT come with the headlamp. Order those separate. Get some rechargeable ones. CLICK THE BATTERIES now to have everything delivered to your home.

This is the tiny box that holds the AAA batteries. The black elastic ring of material slides over the box to keep it from dangling around. CLICK MY FINGERTIPS now to have this headlamp on your head in days.

The gray switch on the left is how you switch between the two brightness settings. The small battery case also has a primary on/off switch that needs to be in the ON position for the LEDs to light up. CLICK the ON/OFF button now to have brightness in your life in three days.

CLICK HERE to order the OV LED Headlamp now. At the time of the review, it was only $15. It's a STEAL at that price.



4 Responses to OV LED Headlamp Review

  1. Tim, there have been hundreds of times when I could have used this, including this past week.

    There are rare times when an angled light is needed, too!

    This might also be hard for co-workers to look at each other, but then there is an off switch!

    I've ordered two.

  2. Is there any chance that this item was manufactured somewhere other than China? I'm doing my best not to send my money over there. I'd prefer that it is US-made, but I'm fine with supporting industry in Mexico, etc.

    • Go click the link above and ask the question on the webpage you land on. That's where you'll discover the answer.

      Oh, and realize the USA was the China of the world back between 1850 and 1930. Just keep that in perspective.

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