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Overhead Door Options Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to talk about the options that are available for overhead doors. Lets take a look at the one installed in my shed. This overhead door might look ordinary, but there are a few things that are interesting.

First, it might look a little smaller. Well, it is. This garage door is only six-feet wide. While that is not big enough for a car, it will work for a garden tractor, riding lawnmower or a motorcycle.

Secondly, look at the remote control that is installed on the outside of the door. This is a keypad remote that allows you to open the door from outside. Using this type of remote opener means you don't have to install any handles on the garage door itself. This makes for a very nice, clean look.

The door has a wood look to it but it is made of metal. It was painted at the factory and the paint should last 15 years or so. There are many colors available.

The next new feature is the computerized opener program. If you have a smart phone, you can download an application that allows you to control your garage door from wherever you are. You can open or close the door from inside your house or from 10,000 miles away.

The application shows you if the garage door is open or closed. Simply touch the screen and the door will open or close.

Why would you want to control your door when you aren't around? Here are a few examples. Let's say a trusted neighbor needs to borrow a tool. Boom, he calls you on your cell phone, and using your smart phone OR any computer, you can let him just in your garage, but NOT your house. Or let's say you're expecting a large delivery, but can't meet the driver. They call you when they arrive at your home, you open the door, and the package is safe and dry inside the garage. Or if you are forgetful, like I was 3 nights ago, instead of walking to the shed, I closed the door from the couch.

There are many options when it comes to overhead garage doors. I recommend that you go to a professional store that sells garage doors. An independent dealer will be able to explain all the options that are available for your project. I used Overhead Door Options here in Meredith, NH. It is a small business that sells and installs doors.

That is my final tip, if you have never installed an overhead door before, you might want to leave it to the professionals. The springs that open the door are extremely powerful. If you won't know what you are doing and install them wrong, you could get seriously hurt. So leave the installation to the pros.


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  1. One option you forgot - is to upgrade to an insulated one - it keeps the garage warmer, it also helps stop some of the light dings from kids, and it's a bit of sound insulation. To me it's not an option - it's the only way to go.

  2. Thanks Tim for the Overhead Door video. I'm thinking of replaceing two of my noisy (growling) openers. The Smart Phone App sounds great, I can't see my doors from the house also have driven away on vaction and left the the door open. The openers I have now are about 15 years old. Chain drive Liftmaster (Sears). Thanks again. Dale......

  3. Hello. I enjoyed your video on the garage door opener. One problem is that we lose our power quite often in Michigan. What would you do if you had your generator locked in the shed? You need power to open the door to get the generator out. Humn.

  4. Happy Holiday Greetings! Thank You for this Video. Altho I have installed both types of common overhead garage doors, your advice rings True. Get a Pro, at least to finish up. I had no idea sectionals came in other than Standard Widths! Personally, when I am gone, I just leave the Remote with my neighbor, and pick it up when I return. In areas where Vandalism is high, a concealed 'remote' is often preferred. Most newer Openers will have a Contact Over-ride to allow access to the garage without triggering the Alarm System. Good Job, Well Done! Thanks!

  5. How about installing bent rusty tracks ? Can a homeowner do this
    safely ? There are some springs involved. Do you need more
    than one person for this job ? Thanks for any idea !

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