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Oxygen Bleach / Deck – Siding – Multi-Purpose Cleaner

! Oxygen Bleach !

Now, here is one of the best kept secrets out there about oxygen bleach. Go to stores and the clerks and managers look at you like you are crazy! Why? Because it takes years and tens/hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising to build brand awareness of a product.

If you watch TV, you have undoubtedly seen commercials and infomercials about some oxygen bleach products. The trouble with what you see on TV is that the commercials and infomercials are very sensational. There is some smoke and mirrors going on, trust me. Oxygen bleach does all of those things you see and more, but it doesn't do it in seconds like they show you! What's more, the products that are advertised on TV contain a significant amount of filler. In addition, some of the TV products contain the active ingredient oxygen bleach that is NOT made in the USA. The purity and quality of this oxygen bleach may be suspect. If you buy products whose ingredients are NOT made in the USA, you very likely are not getting the best buy for your money.

Just after I published the column about cleaning wood siding, I learned that the most powerful Oxygen bleach available is one that is blended with a precise amount of soda ash. The soda ash boosts the alkalinity of the solution but surprisingly does not raise the pH. This means it is safe to work with and yields the best cleaning results. I now sell Oxygen bleach that is blended to achieve this high standard. I call my product Stain Solver. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only company in the USA that blends it to this precise concentration. What's more, the ingredients in Stain Solver are all made right here in the USA. I have had tens of thousands of people buy it over the years and they are all satisfied.

Stain Solver cleans Cedar SidingBetter Buy???

I have also seen some of my competitors products for sale in grocery stores, warehouse membership clubs and national chain discount stores. They are Oxi-Clean, Oxygen 8, Wolman's Deck Brightener and a product called Timberwash. BUT, do the math before you buy! By the time you calculate the amount of actual oxygen bleach you are getting, your cost to drive to pick it up, your wait in the checkout line and all of the other hassles, you just might be better off buying an oxygen bleach product that has the highest concentration of active ingredient. Most of the competitors have only 70 percent active ingredient. Others have only 65 percent and one of the above has, I am told, just 50 percent!

How Much Do I Need?

People want to know how much to buy. Two pounds of my Oxygen bleach needs to be mixed with 5 gallons of water to get the best wood cleaning results. If you buy another brand, you will need to add more to get similar results.

I find that 5 gallons of oxygen bleach solution will clean 300 to 500 square feet of surface area. People often underestimate the amount of square footage in deck railings. The average railing on a deck contains four square feet of surface area for each linear foot of railing. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. The bottom line is that the average sized deck that may be 15 feet by 20 feet needs at least 5 pounds of Stain Solver. Most people order 9 pounds just to be on the safe side. Cleaning the wood siding on a house may easily take 18 pounds or more.

You can call us at 513-407-8727 to order if you like, or go to www.stainsolver.com.

Stain Solver Website

Message from Tim:Years ago while researching a column about cleaning decks, I discovered the wonders of Oxygen Bleach. It is perhaps the 'greenest' cleaner I know of as it uses oxygen ions to break apart stains, dirt and odor molecules. There are no harsh chemicals, and it works on just about anything that is water washable.

I decided to create my own special blend using ingredients made in the USA. In fact, the raw materials in the active ingredient are food-grade quality registered with the FDA. I call my product Stain Solver. I urge you to use it to help with cleaning projects. You will be amazed at the results!

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