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Paint Brushes Video

When it is time to do that paint job, you have to pick the right paint brush. Why? The paint brush is the tool that applies the paint. But some people buy a cheap one thinking they will save money. Big mistake - you might spend more time painting and not get proper paint coverage.

Most exterior paints are latex. The proper paint brush should be made out of nylon or polyester. A good brush will have split ends. This is a good thing. It helps spread out the paint as you are applying it.

You will also need a paint brush with the bristles cut at an angle. This brush is used in those tight corners around windows, doors or up under the roof. These brushes come in various widths. You might need several widths depending upon the complexity of your project.

The wide, square brushes are used for applying paint to those large wide open areas. Again, these come in various widths for the various sizes of siding you are painting.

Some paint brushes are matched to a particular paint. Look for those when shopping for paint and paint brushes. You will get the best results if the paint and brush match.


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