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Paint Stripper Video

A semi-paste stripper are thicker and can be applied with a simple paint brush. Tip - use a metal paint pan, not a plastic or paper one. Some strippers will dissolve those non-metallic trays.

Brush the stripper on, following the manufacturer's instructions. Allow it to sit for the recommended time, so that the stripper does the work. Once the paint stripper has worked, use a putty knife to scrape off the old finish. Steel wool or paper towels will also work. Tooth picks are great for getting into those small areas.

Wipe the stripper off with a cloth. Then lightly sand the wood and remove the dust. You are now ready for finishing the wood.

Wood or paint strippers are wonderful products, but be sure to read the warning labels on the container. These are aggressive products and can harm your skin or burn your eyes. Used properly, you will get great results.


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