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Painting Floors Really Works Well

Painting Floors Ideas and TIPS

  • Painting floors is easy, cheap and it's fun
  • Durable finishes are easy to create - used in retail stores!
  • Special floor paints and clear coatings are needed - LINKS BELOW
  • Use stencils and borders for greatest flair and WOW factor
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DEAR TIM: We discovered a plumbing leak as we were getting ready to install a new laminate floor. The money for the flooring is now in the plumber's bank account.

Since we have no money left for new flooring, is there a way to successfully paint the exposed plywood floor? How do you fill the depressions and cracks in the floor?

Is it necessary to prime the wood before painting? Mark A., Hickory, NC

DEAR MARK: Are you sitting down?

Painting Floors Works!

The answer is, "Yes!" It is not only possible to paint floors, the paint job just might end up better looking than the original laminate floor you intended to use.

There's no real magic in painting a floor. You simply have to follow a few simple steps and use the right products to achieve durable and long-lasting results.

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Smooth Floors Look Best

Just about any flooring surface that is in good shape can be painted. Concrete, wood, ceramic tile, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, etc. can all be painted with ease.

The only surface that may have problems would be an older basement concrete floor that is below grade or one that is in contact with a very wet soil. Water that seeps into concrete can sometimes cause a painted finish to peel.

But many modern concrete floors installed since the 1970s have a vapor barrier under the slab. This moisture barrier often stops the water vapor allowing the paint to stick tenaciously to the concrete.

painting floor

You are looking at a wood cabinet back in the upper left corner of this picture. The white and red parts of the photo are painted flooring! Look at the shine. Would you believe me if I told you this was in a retail center, not a home? Imagine how much foot traffic that floor gets in one month.

Paint in Public Places

You probably walk on painted floors all the time and don't realize it. You may even watch a sports game or two where the athletes are scuffing painted floors.

Many upscale clothing stores and restaurants have painted floors.

Basketball players run up and down painted floors. These floors take enormous abuse.

Clear Coat For Best Surface

Most paints will not yield a surface hard enough to resist years of foot traffic. That said, there are some special paints that have been made for many decades that you can walk on. If you've ever visited old mansions or homes with covered porches built in the late 1800s, you've seen these paints.

Exterior porch paints have been formulated with great success for years. Here's a fantastic one:

urethane porch paint

Here's a great urethane-fortified paint. That's why on the label it says it's for porches and floors! It's tough enough to walk on! CLICK THE IMAGE NOW TO ORDER IT.

Clear Water-Based Urethane

You achieve durability and long-term good looks by coating the painted surface with three coats of clear urethane. Most people take for granted the hardness and durability of clear urethanes. For example, hardwood floors that are not coated with urethane can begin to look dingy and miserable in a short amount of time.


SECRET TIP is to coat the drywall BEFORE finishing with this amazing urethane product. It WILL STOP water from penetrating into the paper of the drywall. CLICK IMAGE TO ORDER IT NOW. Always be sure to order the exact sheen you want. There's a big difference between satin and high-gloss!

The thin coats of smooth urethane protect hardwood floors from dirt and other contaminants. It serves the same purpose over any painted surface. Visit any indoor basketball floor and you'll quickly become a believer. Lines, logos and all sorts of things are painted on these floors. The paint looks good because of the invisible layers of urethane that are on top of the paint.

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Deep Clean First

Oxygen Bleach

Stain Solver is MADE in the USA with USA ingredients that are food-grade quality. CLICK THE IMAGE to order some NOW.

Painting floors begins just as any other painting project. The surface to be painted should be clean, dry, dust-free and as smooth as possible. Consider using Stain Solver, a certified organic oxygen bleach to deep clean the floor.

Stain Solver is non-toxic, it's got no odor and it will remove grease and other stubborn stains.

Large depressions and cracks in the wood flooring need to be filled with a product that dries hard. Do not use caulk or lightweight spackling compounds as floor repair materials.

There are any number of excellent plastic-type wood fillers that dry exceptionally hard. Certain floor leveling compounds that are mixed with water often dry very hard. Test these materials by walking on them after they dry. If they survive the walk test now, they will look good once painted.

Prime If Required

Bare wood floors should be primed with special primer/sealer paints. These products work well to hide the wood grain that otherwise might show through the finish paint.

Hardwood floors that have a varnish or urethane finish must be sanded before a primer is applied. Concrete floors may need a special masonry primer. Check the label of the finish paint you choose.

Use Compatible Primer

Typically a paint manufacturer provides a list of compatible primers that work well with specific finish coat paint products. Oil paints work best for floor painting. The oil resins have a tendency to adhere better than water-based paints. They also tend to cure and harden faster.

Faux Finish For Friends

You can dazzle your friends and neighbors if you incorporate some faux finishes into the painted floor. There are an infinite amount of possibilities.

Stenciling, borders, pinstripping, etc. can all add accent touches to the floor. I've seen some gorgeous stenciling work done on steps and floors.

Look at these amazing stencils to get an idea of what's possible.

wall stencil

There are HUNDREDS of different stencils you can use on floors. This is one on a wall, but imagine this one in the middle of a room! CLICK THE IMAGE TO BUY IT OR LOOK AT OTHER STENCILS.

Borders Around Area Rugs

If you intend to have an area rug on top of the floor, you might consider creating a border that frames the rug equally on all sides. It is best to practice your faux finish technique on a piece of plywood. Once you feel you have the look, then begin to work on your floor.

border stencil

This is just one of MANY different border stencils you can use to outline area rugs or furniture. You can create a border around the entire room. Use your imagination. CLICK THE IMAGE NOW TO BUY THIS AMAZING STENCIL OR TO SEE OTHERS.

Paint Must Cure

Once the finish paint has dried two or three days, apply three coats of water-based urethane. The water based urethanes typically do not yellow over time. Be sure to look for the words "non-yellowing" on the urethane label.

The key to keeping the floor looking good for a long period of time is to apply a single maintenance coat of urethane every two years.

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