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Painting Kitchen Cabinets Quick Start Guide


You can save thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars by just painting your existing kitchen cabinets. You don’t always need new cabinets.

In fact, before ripping out your old cabinets, what do you have to lose by painting one or two to see how amazing the difference can be? Just do it.

This project takes some patience and moderate skill, that’s why I rate it at four out of five hammers.


You can get professional results with a brush and a roller, but spraying the cabinets is the best way to go. It also helps to use some of the products listed below, especially the paint conditioner. That’s a secret the pros don’t want you to know!

Watch the video below unless you’ve come here from YouTube having already watched my video.

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  • Wash your cabinets first to get off all oil and grease. Stain Solver oxygen bleach is the best way to cut through grease. Add a generous squirt of liquid dish soap to the Stain Solver solution.
  • Remove the hardware from your cabinets. This is a must.
  • Use a liquid de-glosser to prepare cabinets for paint. This ensures paint adheres well.
  • Purchase the best paint you can afford. READ the label to make sure it’s for cabinetry. These paints contain hardeners that make them more durable.
  • Use the correct primer. The correct primer is usually called out on the label of the finish paint you’ll use.
  • Apply the finish paint as soon as the primer says you can re-coat or paint over it. Doing this helps WELD the primer and finish paint together.
  • Paint in a dust-free space. Keep room temperature above 60 F. Do NOT paint in direct sunlight.
  • Allow paint to dry for at least 24 hours before re-installing hardware.
  • Consider purchasing my Painting Kitchen Cabinets eBook for more tips!
  • Celebrate your Victory!

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12 Responses to Painting Kitchen Cabinets Quick Start Guide

  1. I liked this guide, but I would like to know what paints (brands and type) work best for cabinets. It is a lot of work to not use the best products.

    • Paint brands and types change over time. It would be tough to keep that updated. Nearly impossible. Price is almost always your best barometer for quality. The best paint usually costs the most.

  2. I have custom-built cabinets that are painted white in my kitchen. My plan is to keep the cabinets and put in new counter tops. I may strip or paint the cabinets, so this guide will be helpful in making my decision and completing my project.

  3. Just looked at painting kitchen cabinets and liked the quick start info. This is my next winter project. But a suggestion - the tips list is way too small a font; tight spacing, not like the regular text throughout the post; and single lines. No time to be saving space in this important tips area. (from my industry manual publishing days).
    Can you publish something on sprucing up doors with surface moulding? I have seven interior passage doors that are good doors but plain slab. Replacement is extra cost because of extra charge to resize new doors (like 2 inches less height means reblocking inside the door). So considering decorative moulding as an option.

  4. Thanks for the quick start. Good information. Our kitchen cabinets are terrible. They are had to clean around the hardware and on the most commonly used doors the paint is coming off from repreated washing. My husband complains about them all the time. Your ideas should help us get the right tools to get a good paint job done that will easily wash without taking the paint off. Thank you.

  5. Quick start guides. Great idea. I'm a pretty savvy DIYer. But good tips and suggestions are always a smart idea even if you think you know what you're doing. [Cause you always can learn something new]. Thanks for all the news letters and videos etc. I do get a kick out of ya.


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