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Painting Kitchen Cabinets Video

To do the job right, you need the correct supplies and tools. Be sure to get a high quality paint brush. Cheap brushes just won't do the job.

Read the instructions on the paint can. It will surely say to apply the paint to a clean and dry surface. To get to all the surfaces that must be painted, remove the doors from the cabinets and then remove all hardware, hinges and handles. When removing the doors, take the bottom hinge off first. This will put less stress on the door.

Wash all the surfaces with a mild soap and water to remove all the dirt and grease. Rinse the cabinets with clean water and dry the surfaces. The gloss finish on the cabinets has to be roughed up so the new paint will stick. You can use a power sander, but they create a lot of dust. Use a dust free liquid deglosser to avoid the dust problem. Once applied, the cabinets will be ready for painting in about 10 minutes.

Apply the primer to all the surfaces to be painted. Primers may not cover the dark wood in one coat. To eliminate brush strokes, always make the last stroke towards the area already painted and slowly lift the brush off the painted surface. If the paint seems hard to work with, there is paint conditioner that will make the paint primer slippery and easier to apply.

When painting a cabinet door with raised panels, paint the panel first and work out towards the edges of the door. Paint the door edge last and check the back for large globs of primer. Smooth out any spots and let the primer dry.

As soon as the primer is dry to the touch, begin painting the cabinets. The finish paint will bond better if the primer is fresh. Try a gloss finish paint to make cleaning them easier. Several thin coats of paint is better than one thick, heavy coat.

One coat of primer and two coats of finish paint should give you the results you want.

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