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Paslode Framing Air Nail Gun Review F-350P

air nail gun

Here she is. She's slim, thin and a gorgeous piece of eye candy. So beautiful you may not want to scuff it up. CLICK THE PHOTO now to have one delivered to your home.

Paslode Framing Air Nail Gun

The first air nail gun I even owned was a framing nailer.

I bought it in the late 1970s. It was gray and one would think it had a lead skin it was so heavy.

What a dream it was to pick up this Paslode F-350P out of the box to discover it's a lightweight compared to most framing nailers.

It tips the scales at just under eight pounds. Believe me you'll appreciate this at 4 pm on a hot July day after shooting nails and lifting walls up all day.

Finally - Read To Use!

You know what I really liked about opening the box up? I was so happy to discover that Paslode gets it.

Not only do they include two strips of nails, but they also included the male air fitting that already has pipe-threading compound on it. You just start to screw it in the tool and tighten with an adjustable wrench. THANK YOU Paslode for making the gun READY TO USE OUT OF THE BOX!!

Air Nail Gun

This is everything you get in the box. I left out the clear and concise owners manual. Safety glasses, air fitting, bounce nailing adapter and two strips of nails. #PaslodeROCKS Copyright 2017 Tim Carter


You'd expect nothing but perfection when connecting an air hose to the tool. You'd expect the gun to fire and not jamb.

Well I wasn't disappointed. I just love it when power tools work as they're supposed to.

Air Nail Gun

Here's a handy tool belt hook that swivels out of the way when you don't need it. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter CLICK THE PHOTO to have this tool delivered to your home.

Air Nail Gun

This is the business end of the Paslode framing gun. Inside that shapely head is the reliable PowerMaster engine that's going to make you lots of sweet moola. You'll be happier using the gun, you'll work faster and when you shut off your compressor, you'll hear the lamentations of your competitors. CLICK THE PHOTO now to get this tool. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter


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