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Patio Door Hinge Types

patio door hinge types

Patio Door Hinge Types | This is a very odd patio door hinge. Note how it has an uneven thickness to the two hinge halves.

Patio Door Hinge Types - There are Many

Joe S. from Osage Beach, MO reached out to me about his odd patio door hinge. His story appeared in the February 9, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter.

Here's what he wrote:

"I have an odd sized hinge that is for my patio doors.  They need replacing and since I've never seen them before I would really appreciate your help.  What are they and where in the world would I find them to purchase.

They appear to be adjustable and 3 of the 6 have failed.  One side of the hinge is half inch thick and the other side is the usual thickness.  The doors don’t close properly.  Have you ever seen these before?"

My advice to Joe was to:

  • look at all surfaces on the hinge for any identification logos or printing that may shed light on who made the hinge
  • look at the edges of the patio doors and frames for identification markings as to who made the actual door
  • visit local exterior replacement door businesses taking the hinge with you. Ask for the manager or anyone who's at least 50 years old who has seen hundreds of different patio doors over their career. 

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What advice would you have given Joe? Add it in the comments below.

Your Takeaway: Let's say you're building your dream home and intend to live it in for decades. Perhaps you should buy some extra hinges for those doors that seem to have odd-shaped ones like Joe has so you don't find yourself in a conundrum.


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