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Patio Paver Tips Video

Patio Paver Tips

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to show you some concrete paver patio stones. You're going to like this.

Check out this patio. This patio is still under-construction. These pavers are earth-tone in color and looks like random stones set into the patio. However, these stones are part of a pattern. Some of the stones have a groove in them so it appears that it is two - four separate stones once installed.

These combination stones have a hole in the center bottom. Why? Once installed you can see the stones that are in the grooves between the stones. The hole in the bottom allows water to drain off into the ground. In the winter, this will keep the concrete stones from busting.

The stones also have lugs on the sides. These lugs are spacing lugs. This allows you to lay the pavers next to each other and maintain the proper spacing.

One other thing, at the edges of the patio, you should install a retention strip. This will keep the stones on the outside of the patio from moving out of position.

Crushed gravel was placed under the pavers before the patio stones were laid. About 4-inches of gravel as placed and compacted for the patio base. It must be angular gravel with some sand in it so that the gravel locks in tightly. On top of this is some medium to coarse sand that is leveled off, then the patio stones are set into the sand. You need to use a plate compacter to run over the stones and drive them down into the sand.

Be beware that the color of the stones might lose some of its color pigment. The finish will dull down over the years.


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