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Patrick Klever’s Basement Renovation – Part 5 The Transport

In the last of the basement photos, Patrick Klever, a civil engineer in construction management, sums up his basement project.

"It shows what can be done by a determined DIY individual. The box on the top of the 2002 Kia Rio contains ... the fiberglass bathtub for the basement. It was transported 3 miles, without incident using the nylon twine freely given out by Lowes. Now ... there was a helluva lot of twine tied with good Boy Scout knots in six different directions taking into account wind forces, uplift, and poor roads, but twine nonetheless (it really is pretty strong!).

As a matter of fact, all of the materials for the basement project -- with the exception of the sheetrock -- was transported by either a Kia Rio, a Dodge Intrepid, or a Pontiac Bonneville. It just took a little planning.

Hope you enjoyed the smile!"

Patrick Klever

A job well-done, Patrick. Thanks for sharing your photos on your DIY basement renovation. And judging from your email, you work for the U.S. Army. We all thank you for your service! - Tim

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