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Plastic Gutter Guards With Fiber

Quick Column Summary:

  • Plastic fiber gutter guards
  • After testing, these will fail
  • Get micromesh gutter guards
  • Video links, test results

Tracy, who eats lots of cajun food in Plaquemine, LA, asked me about a poor-quality gutter guard I reviewed in a past video of mine.

Here's what she said:

"In your video about gutter guards, the last item you mentioned as the newest thing in gutter guards was plastic fiber.  I'm trying to find the name of the particular item and/or a company where I can purchase it.  I've had no luck with internet searches.  I greatly appreciate your help."

I've done lots of videos about gutter guards, so you may want to watch them all. Here's a list:

I believe after watching all three videos you'd be a fool to purchase the plastic gutter guard that WILL FAIL. You want the micromesh gutter guard - the one I installed on my own home.



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