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drain pipes with extra outlet

Plumbing Permit Help | There are lots of things going on in this photo. A 4x2-inch wye fitting was added to the main stack after the fact. It's no wonder you need plumbing permit help. Plumbing can be very complex if you want it to work properly and be to code.

Plumbing Permit Help - It's Not Easy Getting a Plumbing Permit

You may need plumbing permit help. I get it.

While the permit application form may not be too hard, undoubtedly you'll pass out once you try to come up with a riser diagram or isometric drawing.

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Why Do I Need a Riser Diagram or Isometric Drawing?

Most plumbing inspectors want to be sure you understand these things:

  • the correct sizes of the building drain
  • the correct sizes of any branches from the building drain
  • the correct size of vertical stacks
  • the correct size of all fixture branches
  • your understanding of wet-vent opportunities
  • your clear understanding of all required vents
  • your grasp of how loop vents work
  • etc.

A riser diagram or isometric drawing that's been drawn correctly conveys to the plumbing inspector you know all these things.

Is It Hard to Draw a Riser Diagram?

I'm not going to sugarcoat it. It is hard to draw a riser diagram correctly. You need to have a deep understanding of the plumbing code and often many years of field experience to get one right.

Can I Get a Riser Diagram Drawn For My Job?

Yes, you can get a riser diagram drawn as well as an isometric plan. Go to Draw Plumbing Plans dot com.

You can also SHOP HERE for the exact plumbing plan for the size of your job. It's possible to get gas lines and water lines drawn too.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Riser Diagram Drawn?

It normally takes just a few days to get one. The person needs a copy of the floor plan of the house or small business to see all the plumbing fixtures. It's also important to know where the city sewer connection is or the septic tank location.


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