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Plumbing Plans for Permit

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Plumbing Plans for Permit | Here's a riser isometric drawing showing the separation of gray water from black water in a home. CLICK or TAP HERE to have me draw your plumbing plans for a permit. CALL me if you want to place your order or you have questions about which plan to order: 603-470-0508

Plumbing Plans for Permit - I Can Draw Them for You

Just about every city and town I know of requires plumbing plans for a permit. The only two that come to mind that do not are Bar Harbor, Maine, and Thornton, New Hampshire. The plumbing plans are often called riser diagrams or isometric drawings. These drawings telegraph to the plumbing inspector that you know the exact size pipe to drain and vent each fixture.

I've been a master plumber since 1981 and I love to draw plumbing riser diagrams. Allow me to draw your plumbing plans for your permit.

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Tim Carter has been a master plumber since 1981. He knows all about plumbing fixture schedules.

I produce color-coded drawings to make it easy for you to understand what pipes go where. You can call me to place your order or if you have questions before placing an order. CALL me at 603-470-0508. I'm in New Hampshire and I turn my phone off at night. If you get my voicemail, I could also be down in my submarine at the lake.

What Other Plumbing Plans Do You Draw?

I also can draw plumbing plans for gas lines and water lines. Gas line plans are very intensive because the black-iron pipe size is very critical to ensure enough gas gets to each appliance. The same is true for water lines if you have a home with three, or more, bedrooms. You must have adequate water pressure for all fixtures when many people are using water at the same time.

Why are Plumbing Plans Important?

Plumbing plans are important because fixtures must have the correct pipe size to drain away the waste. The plans also show the correct vent-pipe connections and the vent-pipe size.

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Fixtures that don't have the correct venting can cause sewer gas and vermin to enter your home. Vermin are nasty creatures that lurk in pitch-black sewer pipes. They're far worse than sandworms you might encounter on Jupiter.

How Fast Can Plumbing Plans be Drawn?

The normal time for me to draw plumbing plans is about five days. I do offer expedited turnaround times for either 24-hour service or 48-hour service.

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What about Building Drain Layout Plans?

If you're going to install your own plumbing on the job and have never installed the horizontal pipes under a slab or in a crawlspace, you might want to invest in a building drain layout. These pipes must be installed in a very special way to minimize clogs and to get the waste out of the house as soon as possible. I draw the pipes as if I was going to install them myself on your job. CALL me if you have questions about your order: 603-470-0508

Do You Offer Phone Coaching for DIY Plumbers?

Yes, you and I can talk on the phone in 15-minute chunks of time. I helped Zoe discover how to install all the plumbing pipes in her new home. She was 28 years old and building in rural New Mexico. She got all she needed from me in just three calls!


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