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Plumbing Riser vs Stack

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Plumbing Riser vs Stack | You're looking at a cast iron riser and a cast iron stack. Can you tell which one is the riser? Hah, they're both the same! Do you need a riser diagram? CALL ME NOW. 603-470-0508

Plumbing Riser vs Stack - They're the Same Thing

A plumbing riser is a vertical pipe. You can compare it to a smoke stack which is usually a huge round tube made from steel or masonry.

Plumbing risers can carry wastewater or air. Air is transported through a riser down from the roof.

Where Can I Get A Riser Diagram?

You can try to draw your own riser diagram but it's not easy. A riser diagram shows all the pipes in a plumbing system. The pipes MUST BE sized correctly and more importantly, the pipes must connect according to the code. Do you know the plumbing code backward and forward? I didn't think so. If you did, you would already know a stack is a riser.

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Plumbing Plans Consultation | You'll need a master plumber to draw a riser diagram like this. CALL ME to draw your riser diagram. 603-470-0508

How Fast Can a Riser Diagram Be Drawn?

I draw riser diagrams that show drain and vent stacks. For an additional fee, I can draw them in less than 24 hours if you need Sonic Rush service. I've been a master plumber since 1981.

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Call ME now so I draw your riser diagram! 603-470-0508

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Tim Carter has been a master plumber since 1981. He knows all about plumbing fixture schedules. GO HERE to order your riser diagram now.

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