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Pocket Door Contest Entries


Here are the entries for the LE Johnson Pocket Door Giveaway.

Please read all the entries and then follow your heart.

If you vote for the person that really deserves the LE Johnson Pocket Door Hardware kit, your wildest dreams will come true. Seriously.

May the best entry win!

Tim Carter

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Donna Jones

I live in a 1969 brick home that I bought 5 ½ years ago. As a single person, retired, and a woman, it is expensive and difficult to afford the repairs and replacement items that are continually needed. The sliding bedroom doors do not stay in and I have taken one out afraid it would fall on grandchildren when they visit. I would like to one day make that closet a small bathroom. This is where I would like a pocket door. My bedroom is small and it would be nice to have extra wall to place bedroom furniture. I have plaster walls. So how does it work?


Kevin Shawler

Our door between our utility room and half bath is poorly designed for ease of functionality. A pocket door would be more ideal.


Jim Ruggierro

A pocket door should have been installed by the home builder in between the master bath and the master bedroom, but for some reason was not, so whilst one is lying in bed, and I or my spouse need to use the facility, there is a "straight shot - line of sight " to the "event" transpiring, including sound! I don't need a "150-word" explanation of why I would LOVE to have a little more privacy now and then for such occasions...


Ed Santos

I would love to build an extension onto are closet as her clothes are jammed to one side because she cannot reach that far back to make efficient use of the space. She is only five foot two and that is quite a reach for her. With a pocket door installed I can build a small platform in front of it so she can reach the top of the rack and won't have to stand on her tiptoes to reach the hanger. I know this is not a large opening but every little bit helps when you live in a mobile home. We are senior citizens so this may be the last thing I can do for her.


Joe Parks

My wife and I have lived in our house for 33 years and she has always wanted our pocket door replaced. I have replaced a lot of things in our house over the years and the pocket door is the only thing she has ever asked for, so this request for the door is for her. We are close to retirement and I am trying to update while I still can. Thanks so much.


Nony Capellan

We have 2 pocket doors and both are sticky opening and closing, one does not close fully and leaves a scratch line but do not know what causes. Something is wrong with the hardware, installation, or both. Would be very happy to get a good solution to the problem as we love to have a properly working pocket doors. Thank you and best regards.


Mona Greer

I would love to win this for my daughter as she owns her home and I don't ... can't install anything here where I live :(she has so many doors in her 3-bedroom home, installing a Pocket Door would be great. I absolutely love the pocket doors, if you've never had them, well you are missing out on a great invention. Would love to have them where I live, but like I said impossible, so I'm trying to win one for her. She would love it. When opened, they take up no space at all and you have more room to rearrange your furniture. Like in one of my bedrooms, I cannot open the door all the way back, because of the stupid door, have a night stand that will only fit one place and the door is in the way. So I am making the best of a bad situation, why they did not install pocket doors here, and why anyone would even build a home and not put pocket doors would be a big mistake to me. Please check into the pocket doors, try just one you will love them 🙂 Thanks Tim 🙂


Alice Thompson

Have tiny house and bathroom only 4 x 6. Also have disabled child in wheelchair. Pocket door would enable more access to the bathroom in wheeling in son for bath. Also think they look sophisticated. Would love to win!


John Thompson

Our family of four lives in a little cape in New Hampshire but we only have one bathroom. So you can imagine that our bathroom gets quite a bit of traffic having two children around the age of 10. So we would love to install a surface pocket door for our bathroom in our small cape. There is a small linen closet right inside the bathroom. When that linen closet door is open, it knocks into the bathroom door. To top things off, there is a short shower/tub wall that provides less than two inches of clearance between the door and wall. So those two doors and shower wall really makes it difficult to enter our only bathroom. Installing a LE Johnson surface mount pocket door would prevent many bruised knuckles and foreheads when entering the bathroom. Check out our video for a demonstration of the tricky door situation.


Lee Hemphill

This door used to be an outside door in which the previous homeowners installed a doggie door (we don't own a dog). Behind the door is a 7ft x 15ft room which is the laundry room and storage. Getting items in and out of the room is troublesome since the door takes up nearly half the width of the room when opened. It's hollow core and has unfortunately encountered a couple of mishaps where items piled in the laundry room fell on it and a family member tripped against it, resulting in holes in the door which I cannot repair. It's not only unsightly, but guests always think it's an exit door. A pocket door would solve the problem of space and guests would not try to exit into my embarrassing laundry room!


Sarah Yost

I have two reasons, one named Clara and one named Evelyn. Sure, they look sweet, but they're trouble. The older one (2) likes to open and close doors, often when the younger one (9 months) is in the path of the door swing. Putting pocket doors in the most frequented areas of the house will save untold amounts of money in ER bills. It will probably save my sanity, too, or whatever is left of it.


Heidi Halvorson

In 2007, our little town was devastated by a flood that involved 3/4 of the homes and businesses including my in home child care. As of yet, we have not had the cash or the energy to redo our basement where we had our bedroom and our son's. It has been almost 5 years and now it is FINALLY time to attack the basement. Yeah!! I am wanting to use 2 - 6 foot wide pocket type doors as dividers to create 2 walls in a portion of what was the living room. I want it to appear open, but when my disabled brother in-law comes to visit, he can close both pocket doors and have privacy for sleeping. The rest of the time, I would use that space for exercise equipment. I am hoping to win this contest so we can move on with our project. Thanks for considering our project.


Brent Clary

To be honest, I am really wanting to tackle this project for my lovely wife! I know that this would be a great addition to our living room. This is something that she has mentioned before and, until now, I was not sure how this could be possible. So please, "help an Aggie out" to win some brownie points!!


Miriam Cavazos

Ever since I was a little girl, I would get this "Oh wow!" expression on my face when I would see movies where pocket doors were closed- so dramatic! Finally at age 30, I purchased land and had a small home built. A pocket door would put the finishing touch on a dream accomplished by this single gal.




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